Monday, May 10, 2010

Excerpt from a letter written Friday, May 7th to Mom for Mother's Day:

The mission is going good so far! I have 5 girls in my room and we are all new and going to Thailand. It's been fun to experience all the new things together! We all kind of bonded over the first day.

I saw and talked to Sister Morris (Kara) and Elder Harper (Bryce). It was good to see them here.

The food is good so far and no pancakes in sight yet! [On the morning she left for the MTC, Tony read to her from his mission journal an account from his days in the LTM lamenting having pancakes for the 3rd straight morning.]

Today I get a shot at immunizations. It's something like Japanese Encephalitis. Good fun! Then I get to spend @ least 4 hours in the classroom today.

It's been really hard, but all of our seniors keep telling us to just make it to Sunday and you'll be fine. That is exactly what I am trying to do.

P-days are Tuesdays.

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