Monday, November 29, 2010


Emily and her new companion

Hello everyone!!!!

Oh my gosh I LOVE my new area!!!! I've been thinking, "Where have you been this whole time?" It's just so amazing! I can't even describe it!

Lopburi is about a 2 hour drive from Bangkok. Not bad! It's like a Rexburg in comparision to my other area. I think that's why I like it! It's still very much a city, but it also has a lot of jungle around it. Not to mention this place is busseling with tourists. Lopburi is the land of the monkeys and has a lot of history too. So people go to see these ancient wats and a palace too! It's really cool! I'm biking around looking at all of this in amazement. No worries, pictures are coming your way!
Tracting is a blast because it's like hiking through the jungle! It's great! No, I haven't had to use a masheti (sword) yet.
And the monkeys. They're everywhere! Fortunately they are confined to a certain area of the city. When we drove into Lopburi my first thought was, "This reminds of The Jungle Book!" Monkeys all over these ancient buildings! Then in the city, they hangout on the roofs, powerlines, and sidewalks. Needless to say, all the vendors have sticks to wack the monkeys away from their goods. Apparently they are rather mischievious! A couple of months ago, the monkeys hopped on the train (it goes straight through the middle of Lopburi) rode it to the next city. Raided the food stands near the station and hopped on the train and went back to Lopburi. hahaha! Crazy!

The branch here is really nice! The day I arrived here was Thanksgiving. All of the missionaries in Bangkok get to go to a foreigner's house for Thanksgiving but we don't get that luxury. The members felt bad for us so they made Thanksgiving dinner for us. They had chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and cake! It was definitely an unforgettable Thanksgiving. One of the members called us over early because she was panicked that none of it tasted right. She was quizzing me about how to make gravy. As you know, I was useless in that field. Then I was rushed into another room for my fitting. I'm going to be an angel for the Christmas activity and they're having me sing too. Fortunately not solo! After that, the branch gathered together and shared the information they learned about Thanksgiving through research online. Then they told everyone that we couldn't eat till everyone got up and shared a 2 minute talk! That's an idea for you Dad to get people to speak. Great evening indeed!

So my ankles officially have caluses on them because I sit cross-legged on the tile floor so much! Weird!

I don't know if you heard about all of the flooding in Thailand... Anyways, Lopburi was one of those areas hit with flooding. The missionaries last moves spent 3 weeks with the army and volunteers helping clean everything up and such. We went to a house last night that got flooded. The water was up the 2nd storey window! Right now it looks like nothing ever happened. That family was interesting to teach. The father informed us that we will all die in 7 days. Wasn't sure if he just watched a movie or what. hahaha!

Anyways, more stories in the future!

Thanks Monty, Berna and Sis. Mack for your letters!!!

Love you all!!!

Sis. Henderson


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bangkok East Zone Conference November 17, 2010

I think this is Emily's companion

Missionaries serving in the Bangkok East Zone

Emily with Janis Smith, the Mission President's wife

Monday, November 22, 2010

Last week......


It's been a fantastic last week here in SaphaanSung. I really am moving this time. I've been here too long I'm afraid. Everyone thinks I'm going North. Most likely Lopuri AKA the land of the monkeys!!!!! I really hope I do! That would be an adventure! Apparently you have to always keep track of your bag and hold onto everything tight. I guess the monkeys are used to getting their way. hahaha! Wherever I go, it will be great!

This week we had Zone Conference which was fantastic! We learned about our Area book and planning. (stuff they don't tell you in the MTC) It's really something we all needed since we're all new. It was great! Lots of pictures taken, that's for sure! Oh, I thought you might like my new rule that Sis. Meyers suggested. I have to take one photo a day. So far I'm doing great! I'm working on buying a card reader so that I can send pictures to you in my emails. We had the doctor come and give us a lecture about health. I liked what he said, "You only have to floss the teeth you want to keep." So, it's nice there's options! :-)

This week Pii Bu has stopped drinking coffee. She became severely ill from it. Vomiting, headache, etc. She couldn't even get out of bed she was so weak. She was telling us, I now understand why God doesn't want us to drink coffee if this is what it does to us. She definitely gained a testimony of that one! She was so bad that we asked some priesthood holders in the branch to come and give her a blessing. It was great! Her husband was there to watch it too! That was exactly what I wanted him to see. Needless to say, we went over the next morning and she was completely normal, completely healed. I commented how she looked like she was dying yesterday and now she's better. She laughed and talked about how instant the blessing took effect. Received a testimony of the priesthood too! Later, she hosted a dinner party! hahaha! I love her!

This week at church a very interesting experience took place. A lady walked into church saying that she wanted to worship with us. Later I sat down next to her in sacrament meeting and she started to speak in perfect English. She's from California but was originally born here in Thailand. She's trying to get to her family down in the south. She explained how she graduated in ministry. I was thinking, "Why am I constantly running into Christians this moves?" Anyways, she explained how she liked the name of our church. I explained the meaning. She sat through all the classes. Even contributed in discussions. Later we gave her a Book of Mormon. Sis. Jolley and I became companions for a day. We had her read the 2 last paragraphs in the introduction. After reading it she said that it was true. She exclaimed how she knows this church is true, how the BofM is true, and how Joseph Smith is a man of God. She talked about how she was on a bus and she felt liked she needed to turn her head and look out the window. When she did, she saw our church. She felt that God wanted her to go to that church. Obviously she did. We taught her an amazing lesson. (she's amazing) She talked about how she really thinks the only reason she had to come to Thailand was to receive this knowledge. She even talked about how before she came to Thailand, she received revelation that she would receive a "new bible." She was so thrilled to receive the Book of Mormon. I hope it helps her receive new direction in her life.

So, ya! Lots of miracles!

Last night was the Floating Festival. I don't really know anything about it, but I went to it! It was really cool to watch. Everyone makes these flower boats that have a candle on it. They make a wish and then push it off into the water. (Don't worry, I got pictures!) Needless to say, everyone was there to make wishes and watch the fireworks. (we did lots of following up!) Some people make these mini hot air balloons that they send off into the sky. The sky was lit up with everyone's wishes! I wish you all could've seen it!

The weather has been really hot which is quite the opposite to be said in your neck of the woods. hahaha! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Thank you all for supporting me!!!
Everyone keep looking for ways to strengthen the ward you are living in!!!

Love you!

Sis. Henderson

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Me...... Again


So... this might shock you..... Everyone should sit down before reading this.... I have started teaching someone how to play the piano. Not that I wanted to but she wants to learn so whatever. I know! Good thing I'm not there to hear everything you would say, mom. She's definitely got a gift. She's never played before, but at the end of our first lesson, she could play How Gentle God's Commands by herself. Wow! I was impressed!

So this week I made cookie dough and every night we scoop some into a bowl and microwave it and then scoop some ice cream on it. It's been divine! Yes, a cookie monster!

I'm not going to lie, I'm super glad this week is over! Everyone we talked to this week was Christian. What in the world? They all asked super hard questions. Never had to study so hard for investigators. I'm only used to teaching Buddhists so it was really different.

Went on exchanges with Sis. Meyer in Bangkapi. It was great! Walked down a street fearlessly with 7 dogs barking at us and following us! Okay, no I was scared but we pressed on! It was great! I loved it! Weird to think she's finishing in 5 weeks.

A member at church informed me that I've gained weight. hahaha! Maybe you should stop feeding me!!!!

Thanks Virginia for your letter!!!!

Well, that's all I've got this week!

Love you all!

Sis. Henderson

Monday, November 8, 2010

Thailand News

Hey Everyone!

This week I had my interview with Pres. Smith. We talked about the new translation of the Thai Book of Mormon!!! I'm so excited! This one is so nicer! I'll get it next week... See right now the Thai Book of Mormon doesn't have the title page or the introduction so we have to make it up by ourselves. I'm happy that we'll be able to say, "read it!" And they are coming out with the D&C with the Bof M too! It'll be sooo nice!

This week the Elders had a baptism. Nud. He's great! I know him very well. Sis. Lifferth and I were teaching his family before. We gave him to the Elders because he was the only one interested. Now he's a member! We're still teaching his older sister though! She's Christian and her church is rather wacky by Christianity terms. She knew nothing about Christ. Just that he died on the cross. It's just been hard to teach her when her church says everything contradictory. Slowly but surely! She's starting to understand.

So, I thought I should share this great culture with you. I've mentioned the markets before. They're everywhere! Every morning and night they're there. No one cooks. Just go and buy food from the market. (Teaching keeping the Sabbath day holy is rather difficult) My favorite part is that everyone is in their pajamas. They really don't care. Everyone just goes to the markets in their pajamas and no one thinks less of you. It's like a pajama party... I love it!

Oh, I should tell you. We were studying when I looked out the window to our backyard when I saw this HUGE rat! It's actually really cute! We named him Timothy (no relation to Timothy Spalling who plays Peter Petigrew in Harry Potter). He apparently lives off the contents from our garbage can. So, ya! Oh, not to mention the flying cockroach attack in our bedroom last night.... I'll save that story for later.

While inviting this week we've run into lots of people who just bawl to us about their family troubles. It's so sad! Don't be stupid! Go tell your family you love them and care about them right now. Nothing is worth all of the pain and suffering people go through over matters that don't even matter.

Today, Sis. Jolley and I have been singing! It's great! It's crazy how we know the same songs and can sing them on beat together. No worries, our companions think we are officially crazy!! .... It's true!

Thanks everyone for your letters this week! They all come at the same time! Aunt Catherine (Love the card by the way), 3 from Austin (stop getting sick), Holly (How are you on the wise? Love your glasses), Paige (yes, they are stupid), and Marie (He's coming home!!!).

Love you all!!!

Sis. Henderson

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November!!!!

Wow! November already?!? Crazy!!! Time flies, ya know!

Halloween here was really funny! I live next to a lot of foreigners and they tried to live it up as much as they could. Basically the Thai people could care less. The Italian pizza place was all decorated for Halloween and they had a special Halloween promotion on pizza so of course we had to go! Then chocolate cake. Sis. Jolley and I made French toast this morning... it was divine! Ya, I've eaten a lot of bad food lately. Just needing a break from all the rice...

So, it's getting pretty chilly here. Yesterday we stepped outside to go to church and it was actually cooler outside than inside. (that's the first) Cool is basically a warm September day. It's hot but with a cool breeze. I like it! It's perfect! Apparently it's time to start breaking out the winter coats...

So, I thought I should talk about this. I haven't said much lately about the investigators. The work is going well and you wouldn't believe the number of lessons we teach each week. I just don't feel like I can talk about them because it's a bit much. You see, they all lead rather dramatic lives. Either that or drama finds me. All of the problems and things that my investigators are going through are difficult and personal. So, I really don't feel at liberty to discuss it. I will share about one investigator though!

Pii Rat: Remember her? She's still going strong! In fact, she just finished the Book of Mormon on Saturday. She insisted that she wanted to join the members in having a goal to read the Bible by next year. So that's what she's up to. Her husband still won't let her get baptized so we've been focusing on teaching her 12 year old daughter, Cherry. Yesterday was the first time Cherry went to church in a long time. YAY!!!!!

Anyways, so, just know that there's lots of people learning. Pray for them! They need it big time!

So, this week I sat on the pavement outside of her house and talked to a lady about herself. That's my favourite thing to do. She's Muslim so we can't teach her about the gospel. She talked about how similar our religions are and lots of other things about herself. I am so grateful I studied world religions before I came here. I was able to talk to her about her religion because I knew about it. Plus, through that class I gained a great respect and love for the Muslims. My area is mostly Muslims so I get to talk with them frequently. (which I love) But mostly, I love being able to walk away knowing I have made a new friend.

This week I also had a cool experience. We taught this lady along the side of the road in a neighborhood (hard to explain). We were simply teaching her how to pray. 13 kids gathered around us to listen as well. It's a cool experience to be surrounded by them learning how to pray. I felt like Maria from Sound of Music or Christ teaching the children.

Hope all is well! Keep working hard!

Love you!

Sis. Henderson