Monday, November 8, 2010

Thailand News

Hey Everyone!

This week I had my interview with Pres. Smith. We talked about the new translation of the Thai Book of Mormon!!! I'm so excited! This one is so nicer! I'll get it next week... See right now the Thai Book of Mormon doesn't have the title page or the introduction so we have to make it up by ourselves. I'm happy that we'll be able to say, "read it!" And they are coming out with the D&C with the Bof M too! It'll be sooo nice!

This week the Elders had a baptism. Nud. He's great! I know him very well. Sis. Lifferth and I were teaching his family before. We gave him to the Elders because he was the only one interested. Now he's a member! We're still teaching his older sister though! She's Christian and her church is rather wacky by Christianity terms. She knew nothing about Christ. Just that he died on the cross. It's just been hard to teach her when her church says everything contradictory. Slowly but surely! She's starting to understand.

So, I thought I should share this great culture with you. I've mentioned the markets before. They're everywhere! Every morning and night they're there. No one cooks. Just go and buy food from the market. (Teaching keeping the Sabbath day holy is rather difficult) My favorite part is that everyone is in their pajamas. They really don't care. Everyone just goes to the markets in their pajamas and no one thinks less of you. It's like a pajama party... I love it!

Oh, I should tell you. We were studying when I looked out the window to our backyard when I saw this HUGE rat! It's actually really cute! We named him Timothy (no relation to Timothy Spalling who plays Peter Petigrew in Harry Potter). He apparently lives off the contents from our garbage can. So, ya! Oh, not to mention the flying cockroach attack in our bedroom last night.... I'll save that story for later.

While inviting this week we've run into lots of people who just bawl to us about their family troubles. It's so sad! Don't be stupid! Go tell your family you love them and care about them right now. Nothing is worth all of the pain and suffering people go through over matters that don't even matter.

Today, Sis. Jolley and I have been singing! It's great! It's crazy how we know the same songs and can sing them on beat together. No worries, our companions think we are officially crazy!! .... It's true!

Thanks everyone for your letters this week! They all come at the same time! Aunt Catherine (Love the card by the way), 3 from Austin (stop getting sick), Holly (How are you on the wise? Love your glasses), Paige (yes, they are stupid), and Marie (He's coming home!!!).

Love you all!!!

Sis. Henderson

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