Monday, November 22, 2010

Last week......


It's been a fantastic last week here in SaphaanSung. I really am moving this time. I've been here too long I'm afraid. Everyone thinks I'm going North. Most likely Lopuri AKA the land of the monkeys!!!!! I really hope I do! That would be an adventure! Apparently you have to always keep track of your bag and hold onto everything tight. I guess the monkeys are used to getting their way. hahaha! Wherever I go, it will be great!

This week we had Zone Conference which was fantastic! We learned about our Area book and planning. (stuff they don't tell you in the MTC) It's really something we all needed since we're all new. It was great! Lots of pictures taken, that's for sure! Oh, I thought you might like my new rule that Sis. Meyers suggested. I have to take one photo a day. So far I'm doing great! I'm working on buying a card reader so that I can send pictures to you in my emails. We had the doctor come and give us a lecture about health. I liked what he said, "You only have to floss the teeth you want to keep." So, it's nice there's options! :-)

This week Pii Bu has stopped drinking coffee. She became severely ill from it. Vomiting, headache, etc. She couldn't even get out of bed she was so weak. She was telling us, I now understand why God doesn't want us to drink coffee if this is what it does to us. She definitely gained a testimony of that one! She was so bad that we asked some priesthood holders in the branch to come and give her a blessing. It was great! Her husband was there to watch it too! That was exactly what I wanted him to see. Needless to say, we went over the next morning and she was completely normal, completely healed. I commented how she looked like she was dying yesterday and now she's better. She laughed and talked about how instant the blessing took effect. Received a testimony of the priesthood too! Later, she hosted a dinner party! hahaha! I love her!

This week at church a very interesting experience took place. A lady walked into church saying that she wanted to worship with us. Later I sat down next to her in sacrament meeting and she started to speak in perfect English. She's from California but was originally born here in Thailand. She's trying to get to her family down in the south. She explained how she graduated in ministry. I was thinking, "Why am I constantly running into Christians this moves?" Anyways, she explained how she liked the name of our church. I explained the meaning. She sat through all the classes. Even contributed in discussions. Later we gave her a Book of Mormon. Sis. Jolley and I became companions for a day. We had her read the 2 last paragraphs in the introduction. After reading it she said that it was true. She exclaimed how she knows this church is true, how the BofM is true, and how Joseph Smith is a man of God. She talked about how she was on a bus and she felt liked she needed to turn her head and look out the window. When she did, she saw our church. She felt that God wanted her to go to that church. Obviously she did. We taught her an amazing lesson. (she's amazing) She talked about how she really thinks the only reason she had to come to Thailand was to receive this knowledge. She even talked about how before she came to Thailand, she received revelation that she would receive a "new bible." She was so thrilled to receive the Book of Mormon. I hope it helps her receive new direction in her life.

So, ya! Lots of miracles!

Last night was the Floating Festival. I don't really know anything about it, but I went to it! It was really cool to watch. Everyone makes these flower boats that have a candle on it. They make a wish and then push it off into the water. (Don't worry, I got pictures!) Needless to say, everyone was there to make wishes and watch the fireworks. (we did lots of following up!) Some people make these mini hot air balloons that they send off into the sky. The sky was lit up with everyone's wishes! I wish you all could've seen it!

The weather has been really hot which is quite the opposite to be said in your neck of the woods. hahaha! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Thank you all for supporting me!!!
Everyone keep looking for ways to strengthen the ward you are living in!!!

Love you!

Sis. Henderson

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