Monday, November 29, 2010


Emily and her new companion

Hello everyone!!!!

Oh my gosh I LOVE my new area!!!! I've been thinking, "Where have you been this whole time?" It's just so amazing! I can't even describe it!

Lopburi is about a 2 hour drive from Bangkok. Not bad! It's like a Rexburg in comparision to my other area. I think that's why I like it! It's still very much a city, but it also has a lot of jungle around it. Not to mention this place is busseling with tourists. Lopburi is the land of the monkeys and has a lot of history too. So people go to see these ancient wats and a palace too! It's really cool! I'm biking around looking at all of this in amazement. No worries, pictures are coming your way!
Tracting is a blast because it's like hiking through the jungle! It's great! No, I haven't had to use a masheti (sword) yet.
And the monkeys. They're everywhere! Fortunately they are confined to a certain area of the city. When we drove into Lopburi my first thought was, "This reminds of The Jungle Book!" Monkeys all over these ancient buildings! Then in the city, they hangout on the roofs, powerlines, and sidewalks. Needless to say, all the vendors have sticks to wack the monkeys away from their goods. Apparently they are rather mischievious! A couple of months ago, the monkeys hopped on the train (it goes straight through the middle of Lopburi) rode it to the next city. Raided the food stands near the station and hopped on the train and went back to Lopburi. hahaha! Crazy!

The branch here is really nice! The day I arrived here was Thanksgiving. All of the missionaries in Bangkok get to go to a foreigner's house for Thanksgiving but we don't get that luxury. The members felt bad for us so they made Thanksgiving dinner for us. They had chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and cake! It was definitely an unforgettable Thanksgiving. One of the members called us over early because she was panicked that none of it tasted right. She was quizzing me about how to make gravy. As you know, I was useless in that field. Then I was rushed into another room for my fitting. I'm going to be an angel for the Christmas activity and they're having me sing too. Fortunately not solo! After that, the branch gathered together and shared the information they learned about Thanksgiving through research online. Then they told everyone that we couldn't eat till everyone got up and shared a 2 minute talk! That's an idea for you Dad to get people to speak. Great evening indeed!

So my ankles officially have caluses on them because I sit cross-legged on the tile floor so much! Weird!

I don't know if you heard about all of the flooding in Thailand... Anyways, Lopburi was one of those areas hit with flooding. The missionaries last moves spent 3 weeks with the army and volunteers helping clean everything up and such. We went to a house last night that got flooded. The water was up the 2nd storey window! Right now it looks like nothing ever happened. That family was interesting to teach. The father informed us that we will all die in 7 days. Wasn't sure if he just watched a movie or what. hahaha!

Anyways, more stories in the future!

Thanks Monty, Berna and Sis. Mack for your letters!!!

Love you all!!!

Sis. Henderson


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