Monday, January 31, 2011

This day is dedicated to Stacie Lewis

Hello everyone!!!

I'm currently stuck in Khao Yai..... long story. Don't worry, we'll find a way back.

We just finished meeting the elephants here. First we got to know them by giving them all some bamboo. Then we rode Nong Wan out into the forest. I got to ride on her neck right behind the ears. It was awesome! They also put a chair on her back but the neck is definitely way more comfortable. After that adventure we walked a little bit around Khao Yai park (it's a national park full of monkeys, tigers and other wild animals) No worries. Didn't come close to any of them. The only problem is that the car taking us to the main road left early and it doesn't come for another 2 hours so... ya! hahaha!!! I can't send pictures this week but you'll get them next week. They're pretty sweet!

Cherry is doing well. She's so awesome! In Buddhist culture they wear little idol necklaces and as part of the repentance process, they have to get rid of it. It's really hard for many people. Her baptism date is set for February 13th. I love her!

This week was great seeing a lot of people receive answers to prayers. One of our investigators is literally going through the worst of circumstances right now, but through prayer she's been able to get rid of her pain and sorrow. It's incredible the power of prayer.

Well, I wrote everything I wanted to say on a paper, but it's at home because I didn't expect to email now. Sorry!

Oh random comment: We were leaving Swensons when I noticed a Thai man wearing a Uof U sweatshirt..... ya, talk about random!

Love you all!!!

sis. Henderson

Monday, January 24, 2011

Why did the turtle cross the road?


So this week was weird. I feel like I biked the whole length of Lopburi and back every single day this week. Exhausting!!!!! Uhhhh.... I can't remember what happened this week! hahaha! Sorry!!!

All I can remember is what happened yesterday. Yesterday as we were returning from the other side of town I saw something in the middle of the road. It was a turtle!!!!! He was hiding in his shell as the cars zoomed past. Gosh, they just barely missed him too. So being the nice person I am, I hopped off my bike and picked him up when there were no cars. As I was putting him down, he BIT me!!!!! hahaha!!! okay, I'm kidding!!! He just ran for the pond.

This week was some holiday so everyone in Lopburi was wearing traditional clothes. It was cool. We both bought Thai skirts to celebrate too!
Cherry is doing awesome!!! Keep praying for her!!! Lots of great stuff happened this week. I just can't remember it.
Love you all!

Sis. Henderson

Monday, January 17, 2011

Building Us

Hello everyone!!!!

This has been probably the best week in the mission so far. So many things have happened that I wish I could tell about but in all honesty don't have the time to share it all.

I will do my best to stay away from the wild animals! hahaha!!!

I keep forgetting it's only January and it's still cold over there. Seems to me that it's all summery like it is here.

So I was contemplating last night that I'm like half-way through my mission. Weird! I was thinking about what have I seen change as a missionary. You know what? I may not have seen any baptisms yet (there will be in a few weeks!) but I've seen a lot of people change. Completely change their life around. Not only in my investigators, but my companions as well. You know, we're not just building God's kingdom, He's building us. I've had so many cool experiences with my companions especially this week where I have seen this. I wish I could tell it, but it's a bit too much to share. I will share about my investigator, Cherry, though.

She's about 17 and is super cute! She has one of those personalities that makes you feel like she's your friend the moment you meet her. She's awesome! Her family has been an investigator of the Elders for about 5 months now. She's the only one progressing so they gave her to us. We decided to help her understand answers to prayer in a lesson. We used the D&C DVD that you sent because it has a video about receiving answers. Thai people really are visual people. They need to see people praying and receiving answers to understand. So after that we talked about questions she's been having. We knelt together and prayer as she earnestly asked God, "Should I leave Buddhism and join this church?" Afterwards I asked how she felt. She said she felt good (which is what every Buddhist person will say). We asked if she felt she received an answer. With that she started crying with tears of joy. Then Sis. Supansa started crying and since I'm the daughter of Tony Henderson, I cried too. She said she received it. I asked her what she's going to do next. She said, "I'm getting baptized!!!" She wanted to get baptized this Sunday but we thought that was a bit too fast. Everytime we see her, she's just beaming with joy. Her mom asked what was wrong with her when we left. hahaha!!!

I know God answers prayers. Sometimes we have to wait months or sometimes years to receive answers but He does.

Love you all!!!


Sis. Henderson

Monday, January 10, 2011

Round 2

Performing the English skit

Flat tire again!!!!!! I get about 2 a week.


The monkey flosses his teeth with
Sister Supansa's hair

The monkey steals Emily's identity!

He's cute, I like him!!!

The monkey going through my hair. He bit me!!


I received everyones packages so thank you!

Anyways, it's been an adventure this past week. I already know Holly is going to love this one!

So.... I'm currently on round 2 of rabies shots!!!! Ya, I just like to keep things exciting, ya know. It all started when we went to the monkey wad (buddhist temple with monkeys). We didn't think anything of it because almost all missionaries have pictures with the monkeys and such. We had a guy go around with us and he put monkeys on our shoulders. The first one was really cute until he stole my identity. He ripped off my nametag and ran for it up the temple walls. One kept trying to open my bag. Fortunately the guy got it back for me since he knows all of the monkeys. Then we were standing and talking when one jumped up on me. He sat on my shoulder and started to go through my hair looking for any treats. Proud to say I had none. He was so mad with my bobby pins and clips though. He wanted to pull it all out. One of my clips wasn't budging so he tried using his teeth to take it out. Instead he ended up biting my head. Ow! It's not that big of a deal. Once again, no blood or anything. Regardless I had to go get shots.... The hospital also insisted I needed tetnas (I don't know how to spell that) shot too for extra protection! It hurt so bad! They made Sis. Supansa get it too. That's why we're twiners.

Both of the shots made me sick this week. Made it really difficult to work. I'm better now though. I think it was just the tetnas shot that did it though. So, ya!

Moves meeting was fun because no one was moving so that was really nice. Just went to renew my visa. It was fun to see everyone again though! It was like a high school reunion or something. hahaha! Sis. Hirschi is the trainer. I called that one! I was so relieved because everyone including the zone leaders were convinced I was training. It freaked me out. I could've done it if I had to, but I'm so glad I'm not. Sis. Supansa and I have a lot of fun together.

Thanks for all the presents!!! My 2nd Christmas was fun! The elders were jealous of my video card and my food. The chocolate was melted but it is safe now in the freezer. It's still delicious as always! Thanks!
Shen Laoshi sent me a Christmas card!!! That was fun!!! Also Duckie!!!! And McKenzie!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Okay, that's all for this week! Love ya all!!!! Watch out for monkeys!!!!

Sis. Henderson

Friday, January 7, 2011

At transfer meeting - Emily and her companion, Sister Supansa seem to be dressed alike.

Emily and her companion were asked to sing at a wedding. The daughter of the mayor of Lopburri,who is a member, was married. The ceremony was televised.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Em with 2 teenage girls who want to be missionaries and Sister Supansa

The elephant we fed

The Buddhist Temple
Hello Everyone!!! Happy New Year!!!!

So, this week was the quietest week ever!!! Everyone went on vacation for the New Year so no one was free to teach. Still a good week none the less.
Last Monday Sis. Bao took us to the Sunflower fields and to a wad that's in a mountain. It was really fun! We bought a huge bag of sunflower seeds to munch on! Yummy! This wad (buddhist temple) was really creepy. I felt like I was exploring a cave or something. There's this dead monk in there. I'm not to sure if I really wanted to see that. In the cave there were bats and cockroaches. At the end of every tunnel were statues of course. It was interesting. Afterwards she took us to this really nice restaurant that is over the lake. It was fun.
So, New Years is a BIG deal here. Everyone buys presents and stuff for new years not Christmas. Pres. Smith asked all the missionaries to be home by 7pm. Only drunk people out at that time anyway. In celebration we went to a korean barbeque restaurant! So good!!! We went to bed and woke up at midnight to the sound fireworks and banging. hahaha!
I'd tell you about my investigators, but I didn't get to see any of them this week. They said that they're soooo busy preparing. :-)
One lady we ran into bought fish from the market and was setting them all free in the river. Just trying to do a lot of good to make up for the bad!
We went inviting with the Elders this week to help each other learn what we can do better. We invited this house and there was a lady holding a couple week old baby. We were talking about how the gospel blesses families. At the beginning, a thought came to my head that the baby could have down syndrome. I dismissed it thinking it was my mind wandering. Fortunately whenever we share about families, I share about Heather. I asked them if they knew what downs syndrome is. They were like, "ya, this baby has it." We quickly found out that it actually wasn't her child but her niece's. Her niece cries everytime she sees him because he has downs syndrome. She thinks this is her punishment from things she did in her past life, etc. The lady told us to come back and talk to her niece since I'm the only person she knows that has seen this before. Anyways, it was good to find that connection. We hope that as she learns she will learn to accept her son.
Another experience. This one's cooler! So we were sharing with one of our new investigators, Cang, about the BofM. We read the last two paragraphs of the introduction together. Then I bore testimony of it. As I bore testimony of it, I spoke so eloquently full of power. Words came to my mouth that I didn't even know. I remember thinking how beautiful it all sounded afterwards, but I didn't even know what I said. As I spoke I felt the spirit literally take my words to my investigator and watched as her eyes welled up. My companion just kind of was in shock. I've never spoken like that before. All Sis. Supansa said was, " I agree."
So this week is moves meeting! Our whole district, meaning the four of us, have to go down to moves for renewing visas. We hope no one moves but Elder Baker seems to have it in his mind that I will be a trainer. From what I heard about the greenies, I don't think so. We'll see....

Love you all!!!!!

sis. henderson