Monday, January 31, 2011

This day is dedicated to Stacie Lewis

Hello everyone!!!

I'm currently stuck in Khao Yai..... long story. Don't worry, we'll find a way back.

We just finished meeting the elephants here. First we got to know them by giving them all some bamboo. Then we rode Nong Wan out into the forest. I got to ride on her neck right behind the ears. It was awesome! They also put a chair on her back but the neck is definitely way more comfortable. After that adventure we walked a little bit around Khao Yai park (it's a national park full of monkeys, tigers and other wild animals) No worries. Didn't come close to any of them. The only problem is that the car taking us to the main road left early and it doesn't come for another 2 hours so... ya! hahaha!!! I can't send pictures this week but you'll get them next week. They're pretty sweet!

Cherry is doing well. She's so awesome! In Buddhist culture they wear little idol necklaces and as part of the repentance process, they have to get rid of it. It's really hard for many people. Her baptism date is set for February 13th. I love her!

This week was great seeing a lot of people receive answers to prayers. One of our investigators is literally going through the worst of circumstances right now, but through prayer she's been able to get rid of her pain and sorrow. It's incredible the power of prayer.

Well, I wrote everything I wanted to say on a paper, but it's at home because I didn't expect to email now. Sorry!

Oh random comment: We were leaving Swensons when I noticed a Thai man wearing a Uof U sweatshirt..... ya, talk about random!

Love you all!!!

sis. Henderson

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