Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Em with 2 teenage girls who want to be missionaries and Sister Supansa

The elephant we fed

The Buddhist Temple
Hello Everyone!!! Happy New Year!!!!

So, this week was the quietest week ever!!! Everyone went on vacation for the New Year so no one was free to teach. Still a good week none the less.
Last Monday Sis. Bao took us to the Sunflower fields and to a wad that's in a mountain. It was really fun! We bought a huge bag of sunflower seeds to munch on! Yummy! This wad (buddhist temple) was really creepy. I felt like I was exploring a cave or something. There's this dead monk in there. I'm not to sure if I really wanted to see that. In the cave there were bats and cockroaches. At the end of every tunnel were statues of course. It was interesting. Afterwards she took us to this really nice restaurant that is over the lake. It was fun.
So, New Years is a BIG deal here. Everyone buys presents and stuff for new years not Christmas. Pres. Smith asked all the missionaries to be home by 7pm. Only drunk people out at that time anyway. In celebration we went to a korean barbeque restaurant! So good!!! We went to bed and woke up at midnight to the sound fireworks and banging. hahaha!
I'd tell you about my investigators, but I didn't get to see any of them this week. They said that they're soooo busy preparing. :-)
One lady we ran into bought fish from the market and was setting them all free in the river. Just trying to do a lot of good to make up for the bad!
We went inviting with the Elders this week to help each other learn what we can do better. We invited this house and there was a lady holding a couple week old baby. We were talking about how the gospel blesses families. At the beginning, a thought came to my head that the baby could have down syndrome. I dismissed it thinking it was my mind wandering. Fortunately whenever we share about families, I share about Heather. I asked them if they knew what downs syndrome is. They were like, "ya, this baby has it." We quickly found out that it actually wasn't her child but her niece's. Her niece cries everytime she sees him because he has downs syndrome. She thinks this is her punishment from things she did in her past life, etc. The lady told us to come back and talk to her niece since I'm the only person she knows that has seen this before. Anyways, it was good to find that connection. We hope that as she learns she will learn to accept her son.
Another experience. This one's cooler! So we were sharing with one of our new investigators, Cang, about the BofM. We read the last two paragraphs of the introduction together. Then I bore testimony of it. As I bore testimony of it, I spoke so eloquently full of power. Words came to my mouth that I didn't even know. I remember thinking how beautiful it all sounded afterwards, but I didn't even know what I said. As I spoke I felt the spirit literally take my words to my investigator and watched as her eyes welled up. My companion just kind of was in shock. I've never spoken like that before. All Sis. Supansa said was, " I agree."
So this week is moves meeting! Our whole district, meaning the four of us, have to go down to moves for renewing visas. We hope no one moves but Elder Baker seems to have it in his mind that I will be a trainer. From what I heard about the greenies, I don't think so. We'll see....

Love you all!!!!!

sis. henderson

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