Monday, January 24, 2011

Why did the turtle cross the road?


So this week was weird. I feel like I biked the whole length of Lopburi and back every single day this week. Exhausting!!!!! Uhhhh.... I can't remember what happened this week! hahaha! Sorry!!!

All I can remember is what happened yesterday. Yesterday as we were returning from the other side of town I saw something in the middle of the road. It was a turtle!!!!! He was hiding in his shell as the cars zoomed past. Gosh, they just barely missed him too. So being the nice person I am, I hopped off my bike and picked him up when there were no cars. As I was putting him down, he BIT me!!!!! hahaha!!! okay, I'm kidding!!! He just ran for the pond.

This week was some holiday so everyone in Lopburi was wearing traditional clothes. It was cool. We both bought Thai skirts to celebrate too!
Cherry is doing awesome!!! Keep praying for her!!! Lots of great stuff happened this week. I just can't remember it.
Love you all!

Sis. Henderson

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