Monday, January 17, 2011

Building Us

Hello everyone!!!!

This has been probably the best week in the mission so far. So many things have happened that I wish I could tell about but in all honesty don't have the time to share it all.

I will do my best to stay away from the wild animals! hahaha!!!

I keep forgetting it's only January and it's still cold over there. Seems to me that it's all summery like it is here.

So I was contemplating last night that I'm like half-way through my mission. Weird! I was thinking about what have I seen change as a missionary. You know what? I may not have seen any baptisms yet (there will be in a few weeks!) but I've seen a lot of people change. Completely change their life around. Not only in my investigators, but my companions as well. You know, we're not just building God's kingdom, He's building us. I've had so many cool experiences with my companions especially this week where I have seen this. I wish I could tell it, but it's a bit too much to share. I will share about my investigator, Cherry, though.

She's about 17 and is super cute! She has one of those personalities that makes you feel like she's your friend the moment you meet her. She's awesome! Her family has been an investigator of the Elders for about 5 months now. She's the only one progressing so they gave her to us. We decided to help her understand answers to prayer in a lesson. We used the D&C DVD that you sent because it has a video about receiving answers. Thai people really are visual people. They need to see people praying and receiving answers to understand. So after that we talked about questions she's been having. We knelt together and prayer as she earnestly asked God, "Should I leave Buddhism and join this church?" Afterwards I asked how she felt. She said she felt good (which is what every Buddhist person will say). We asked if she felt she received an answer. With that she started crying with tears of joy. Then Sis. Supansa started crying and since I'm the daughter of Tony Henderson, I cried too. She said she received it. I asked her what she's going to do next. She said, "I'm getting baptized!!!" She wanted to get baptized this Sunday but we thought that was a bit too fast. Everytime we see her, she's just beaming with joy. Her mom asked what was wrong with her when we left. hahaha!!!

I know God answers prayers. Sometimes we have to wait months or sometimes years to receive answers but He does.

Love you all!!!


Sis. Henderson

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