Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Letter June 29, 2010

Anyways to finish my China story from last time.. So she joined the church and told her parents about the church. They are currently reading the Book of Mormon although she said no matter what they will probably never join the church because they work for the government..We expressed how lucky she was to even hear about the gospel in China.. She said she knows that but firmly believes that the Chinese government doesn't listen at look at everything like they said they do.. Who knows?

Mission Conference was actually disappointing because you didn't see anyone while they were here.. I only saw Elder Scott who was walking through the bookstore when I was there.. This Sunday I was quite involved in everything! For RS I had to sit on the stand and pray.. I thought to myself as I was sitting up there, this is nothing compared to the audience at BYU-Idaho.. Truly there was nothing intimidating about it! I did learn from this that I have been here too long.. Long enough when you are starting to become good friends with the MTC Presidency's wives (who are also the RS presidency).. Never smile and say hello because they'll ask you to do something later.. Then after that I had to sit on the stand again because Sis.. Hirshi was speaking in the big sacrament meeting.. This week there were only 3 sacrament meetings because of Missiion Conference.. 3 sacrament meetings with thousands of missionaries, you can do the math on how many were there.. Sis.. Jewkes was like, Wow, you just live up there or something! No worries, I didn't have to sit up there for the fireside though Sis.. Hirschi said that she could probably arrange something to change that.. I turned it down.. But hey, while I was up on the stand all I could think about was that I was sitting in the exact same chair Elder Holland sat in on Friday night! YAY!!!!

Anyways! Good news!!! Spread the word!!!!! This last Sunday we got a glimpse into the future of missionary work! It's super cool!!! On July 7th, the church is launching a new mormon.org site! On it you can create a profile where you can share your expereinces, testimony, etc.. It's really neat! they're letting all of us create a profile here too!!! So encourage everyone to create a profile!!! It's amazing! there's also cool videos on there that are really good that you should check out too!!!

Oh, I'm communicating in Laotian too! YAY! Okay, I can understand it, not speak it, but someday I will!!! I have a plan to learn Laotian and Cambodian while I'm in Thailand! Wouldn't that be amazing? Thailand is a very diverse country from asians all over the place.. Anywho...... I must be off but I just want to say thanks for all the letters and packages! I truly appreciate it!!!! Love you all!!!! Em Remember July 7th!!!!!! YAY!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Letter June 22, 2010

Today I went to the enhancement program.. Pretty much they tell us that we need to look good because we are representing Christ.. Then they told us how to take care of our skin and then they gave us all makeovers!!! I now have in my possession $200 worth of makeup! It's really nice stuff! Apparently each month this company donates $10, 000 for this program! Crazy!

The TRC went really well! Don't know why I really take to the purchasing lessons the best, but I do!

This weekend is Mission Conference AKA lots of apostles and the like this week with many new mission presidents! Should be interesting!!!

In class we were sitting on our mats on the floor and reading the BofM in script.. I was reading when Sis.. Noppamas started laughing.. Apparently I said that the Nephites were all water buffalos.. Then we launched into the topic of animals in Thailand.. She told us all about how the monkeys will bite and steal your food and how during flood season there are water snakes and the crocidiles from the crocidile farms often get loose! Lots of fun! And the dogs chase after you on your bike! She had 10 chase her once! She said her least favorite thing is cockroaches.. She apparently prayed for them her whole mission so that she wouldn't be scared of them.. We love her!!!!

Quick story: During RS we always have a conversion spotlight.. This week we had a sister from Mainland China share her story.. She basically heard about BYU through an English teacher.. She contacted her and was told she was going on a mission but that she could talk to her dad about BYU.. While on the phone, her Dad told her about the church, etc.. Which is illegal, but hey! She said when she heard it it made sense.. She came, got baptized, etc.. now going to temple square for a mission.. She's going tomorrow! Anyways she is super lucky!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

For Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day, Emily sent to Tony this version of the Primary song, "I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home" written in Thai.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Photos sent June 17th

Sister Emily Henderson at the MTC with her Thai hymnbook.

Sisters Henderson, Hirschi, Johnson, Jolley, and Naegle

The Thai District:
Elders Shipley, Hansen, Lyman, Chapman, Hardy, Leyva and Ahlstrom
Sisters Johnson, Naegle, Jolley, Hirschi, and Henderson

Sister Jolley, Sister Johnson
Sister Henderson, Sister Hirschi, and Sister Naegle

Sister Henderson, Sister Hirschi, Sister Naegle, Sister Jolley, and Sister Johnson

Sisters Jolley, Johnson, Naegle, Henderson, and Hirschi

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Taken from a letter sent to Holly June 16

So this last week we talked about food in Thailand. Sister Noppamas told us about this black sauce they use on everything in northern Thailand. It's called fish sauce. What it is is that they take a fish and bury it underground for a long time so that it rots. Then they dig it up and get the yummy rotten fish sauce! Apparently it smells like the high heavens but tastes amazing. We asked how that doesn't kill you and she just said, "It's good! It's so yummy!" Okay, we'll see how that goes over in Thailand!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Letter June 15, 2010


Tomorrow we get the new Thai district! We have 6 Elders and 2 Sisters!!! We're all super excited to see them!!!!

The TRC last Satureday went really well! We were able to have a lesson and communicate! Although, I told my teacher that I keep having the problem of switching what I want to say so I never know the vocab. It's rather frustrating! He just laughed! Bro. Sakha told us that we are both doing well. He told me that he is quite impressed with my bravery in speaking the language. Apparently I go in there and fearlessly speak even though I don't know words and such. Quite a feat for me, wouldn't you say? It's true though! I don't really care what my investigator thinks of my Thai speaking skills. It's not supposed to be amazing so they know not to expect much out of us...

Elder Hale came last Tuesday! He talked about light vs. darkness! Great talk! We are supposed to be getting a lot very soon because all of the mission presidents come in to the MTC in June and July so lots of apostles come! I'd say I've seen a good portion already of apostles!

To be honest, I can't really say much has happened. I don't even know what day it is! I just do what my planner says to do... yep!

Bro. Sakha told us his conversion story last saturday! It was really good! He was one of those stubborn people who was constantly saying no to the missionaries. In fact, he was pretty dedicated to the goal of being a Buddhist monk. His father dropped him off at a temple so that he could go to school and work there afterwards. So he spent his childhood in Buddhist temples with the monks and meditating. He was really close to the monk who ran the temple. He left them to finish his college education and promised he'd come back to be a monk there. So he pretty much dedicated his life to Buddha until things began to change. Great story! Wish I could tell you, but I can't! After the mission I guess!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Letter sent home June 8, 2010

I'm doing well! I'm actually starting to get the hang of Thai! Sure hope so because our last English lesson we get to teach was last Saturday! This week is the big week where Thai is our life! Our teachers don't speak to us in English anymore. Needless to say, we have all become really good at playing charades. :-)

I'll tell you a short experience really quick.
We always take a temple walk on Sundays. There was a girl who walked straight up to us and asked us to teach her a lesson. That girl wanted a lesson from us because she's had a hard week. She had to break off her engagement because her fiancé wasn't loyal and she didn't feel it was right. So it was amazing because the 5 of us had no idea what to say, but when we started talking, it became something truly inspired. All 5 of us were in tune with each other and knew what they were going to say. She cried through the whole lesson and thanked us many times over and over about what we said. (more like what the spirit said). It was definitely what she needed to hear! So, there's my first real lesson! :-)

I'm now officially a piithay!!!! They left at 4 today! I found out that they have a 24hr layover in Taiwan so they get to stay in a hotel and everything! Can I say jealous? Oh, and the HK trip is only if you have visa issues. Apparently HK isn't just the place for China visas, but also any asian country.

So we got a letter recently from a missionary currently serving in Thailand. He said the work there has soared through the roof. Elder Oaks was just there and he said that if Thailand keeps this up, they'll have a temple there in 5 to 10 years! How exciting!!! Apparently when they are contacting on the street, they say they're interested and ask if they can bring their friends and family to hear the message too! It's like a missionary's dream! So, ya amazing!!! Also our teacher pointed out that the number of missionaries going to Thailand are increasing. When he went, he was the only one in his district!

Elder Hardy showed me how to polish my shoes today! I figured since he spent 4 yrs in the air force that he would have an idea on how to do that. He apparently was the guy on the planes that looked through the glass from the plane to see if anyone is shooting at them. Anyways, I now know how! Although I only did a little bit of my shoe. Him and his companion took over to see who could get my shoe to be the shiniest....

I want to tell you about my last TRC...

For the Thai portion we had a native man a little older than you. We could actually understand what he was saying! He helped me to learn some words too! He thought we were so good that for the lesson part he had his wife ( a native also) switch with him so that she could hear our Thai. Apparently he told her that we were so clear and understandable that he was highly impressed! You can only imagine how that made Sis. Hirschi and I feel! However the lesson wasn't in Thai that week so she a bit disappointed! It was a good lesson though! She didn't really get the idea of role playing! When we were trying to get to know her she was talking about her son and how he served a mission in Thailand and about the mission there, etc. It was really funny! We asked her a question during the lesson to which she leaned over and whispered, "this is just pretend, okay? Well, I'm Buddhist so...." Sis. Hirschi and I had a good laugh about that later! When talking about the Atonement I asked her if she's ever felt alone before. She replied, " Not since I've had kids!" Apparently Bro. Everton who was evaluating had a really good laugh about that one! We loved teaching her! I hope she comes back soon!!!!

I've gotten the Thai Primary song book and learned "I am like a star" (I thought since I might be called to the Primary presidency that I should know these things). The class wanted me to sing it for them, but I said only on special occasions like when the new star of our district is chosen, which hasn't happened in awhile!

Thank you to everyone who has written me!!! I'm sorry if it takes forever to write you back! I only have about an hour each P-day to write. So bare with me!!!! I'll write ya!!!

Love you!!!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Letter sent June 1, 2010

So the piithay's (pronounced: pea ties) are the older Thailand district. They're leaving next Tuesday so exactly a week. They're all really excited! It will be weird to see them go! Don't leave us here! Anywho, they received their travel plans this week! It's pretty intense! It will be the same travel plans that I get. First we got to LA. Then TAIWAN!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! TAIWAN!!!!!! I'm soooooo excited!!! We get to have a 7 hour layover in Taiwan!!! How amazing is that? Then we fly to Bangkok. And then for some weird reason we fly to HONG KONG!!! Wow!!! I say let's hit up all of the best cities on the way there. Not quite sure why we end in Hong Kong. I guess we'll get to Thailand by boat? Who knows! But isn't that exciting?!? I get to go to TAIWAN!!!!

So Sister Hirschi just got promoted to be the Sister's representative for the Zone so for three nights each week I get to be adopted by another companionship. Sunday night was my first experience in the life of a solo Sister missionary. I joined Elder Shipley and Elder Hansen's companionship. It was more like all of the Elders in the district minus Elder Leyva and Ahlstrom (new zone leaders) We just sat and watched the Joseph Smith movie Sunday night. So good! They were all so cute! After the movie Elder Shipley was like, "Okay, we need to make sure Sister Henderson gets home safely! Elders make a circle around her." They all make a circle around me and clear the crowd out of the way as we walk. An Elder broke through and *gasp* touched my shoulder. All of the Elders started yelling at Elder Lyman who was supposed to guard me from that side. They found some sister to take me upstairs to the residence hall. They seriously told them that they had to take care of me because I was their responsibility. It was really funny all of the fuss they were making! I'm sure more adventures with the Elders are yet to come.