Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Letter sent home June 8, 2010

I'm doing well! I'm actually starting to get the hang of Thai! Sure hope so because our last English lesson we get to teach was last Saturday! This week is the big week where Thai is our life! Our teachers don't speak to us in English anymore. Needless to say, we have all become really good at playing charades. :-)

I'll tell you a short experience really quick.
We always take a temple walk on Sundays. There was a girl who walked straight up to us and asked us to teach her a lesson. That girl wanted a lesson from us because she's had a hard week. She had to break off her engagement because her fiancé wasn't loyal and she didn't feel it was right. So it was amazing because the 5 of us had no idea what to say, but when we started talking, it became something truly inspired. All 5 of us were in tune with each other and knew what they were going to say. She cried through the whole lesson and thanked us many times over and over about what we said. (more like what the spirit said). It was definitely what she needed to hear! So, there's my first real lesson! :-)

I'm now officially a piithay!!!! They left at 4 today! I found out that they have a 24hr layover in Taiwan so they get to stay in a hotel and everything! Can I say jealous? Oh, and the HK trip is only if you have visa issues. Apparently HK isn't just the place for China visas, but also any asian country.

So we got a letter recently from a missionary currently serving in Thailand. He said the work there has soared through the roof. Elder Oaks was just there and he said that if Thailand keeps this up, they'll have a temple there in 5 to 10 years! How exciting!!! Apparently when they are contacting on the street, they say they're interested and ask if they can bring their friends and family to hear the message too! It's like a missionary's dream! So, ya amazing!!! Also our teacher pointed out that the number of missionaries going to Thailand are increasing. When he went, he was the only one in his district!

Elder Hardy showed me how to polish my shoes today! I figured since he spent 4 yrs in the air force that he would have an idea on how to do that. He apparently was the guy on the planes that looked through the glass from the plane to see if anyone is shooting at them. Anyways, I now know how! Although I only did a little bit of my shoe. Him and his companion took over to see who could get my shoe to be the shiniest....

I want to tell you about my last TRC...

For the Thai portion we had a native man a little older than you. We could actually understand what he was saying! He helped me to learn some words too! He thought we were so good that for the lesson part he had his wife ( a native also) switch with him so that she could hear our Thai. Apparently he told her that we were so clear and understandable that he was highly impressed! You can only imagine how that made Sis. Hirschi and I feel! However the lesson wasn't in Thai that week so she a bit disappointed! It was a good lesson though! She didn't really get the idea of role playing! When we were trying to get to know her she was talking about her son and how he served a mission in Thailand and about the mission there, etc. It was really funny! We asked her a question during the lesson to which she leaned over and whispered, "this is just pretend, okay? Well, I'm Buddhist so...." Sis. Hirschi and I had a good laugh about that later! When talking about the Atonement I asked her if she's ever felt alone before. She replied, " Not since I've had kids!" Apparently Bro. Everton who was evaluating had a really good laugh about that one! We loved teaching her! I hope she comes back soon!!!!

I've gotten the Thai Primary song book and learned "I am like a star" (I thought since I might be called to the Primary presidency that I should know these things). The class wanted me to sing it for them, but I said only on special occasions like when the new star of our district is chosen, which hasn't happened in awhile!

Thank you to everyone who has written me!!! I'm sorry if it takes forever to write you back! I only have about an hour each P-day to write. So bare with me!!!! I'll write ya!!!

Love you!!!!


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