Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Letter June 29, 2010

Anyways to finish my China story from last time.. So she joined the church and told her parents about the church. They are currently reading the Book of Mormon although she said no matter what they will probably never join the church because they work for the government..We expressed how lucky she was to even hear about the gospel in China.. She said she knows that but firmly believes that the Chinese government doesn't listen at look at everything like they said they do.. Who knows?

Mission Conference was actually disappointing because you didn't see anyone while they were here.. I only saw Elder Scott who was walking through the bookstore when I was there.. This Sunday I was quite involved in everything! For RS I had to sit on the stand and pray.. I thought to myself as I was sitting up there, this is nothing compared to the audience at BYU-Idaho.. Truly there was nothing intimidating about it! I did learn from this that I have been here too long.. Long enough when you are starting to become good friends with the MTC Presidency's wives (who are also the RS presidency).. Never smile and say hello because they'll ask you to do something later.. Then after that I had to sit on the stand again because Sis.. Hirshi was speaking in the big sacrament meeting.. This week there were only 3 sacrament meetings because of Missiion Conference.. 3 sacrament meetings with thousands of missionaries, you can do the math on how many were there.. Sis.. Jewkes was like, Wow, you just live up there or something! No worries, I didn't have to sit up there for the fireside though Sis.. Hirschi said that she could probably arrange something to change that.. I turned it down.. But hey, while I was up on the stand all I could think about was that I was sitting in the exact same chair Elder Holland sat in on Friday night! YAY!!!!

Anyways! Good news!!! Spread the word!!!!! This last Sunday we got a glimpse into the future of missionary work! It's super cool!!! On July 7th, the church is launching a new mormon.org site! On it you can create a profile where you can share your expereinces, testimony, etc.. It's really neat! they're letting all of us create a profile here too!!! So encourage everyone to create a profile!!! It's amazing! there's also cool videos on there that are really good that you should check out too!!!

Oh, I'm communicating in Laotian too! YAY! Okay, I can understand it, not speak it, but someday I will!!! I have a plan to learn Laotian and Cambodian while I'm in Thailand! Wouldn't that be amazing? Thailand is a very diverse country from asians all over the place.. Anywho...... I must be off but I just want to say thanks for all the letters and packages! I truly appreciate it!!!! Love you all!!!! Em Remember July 7th!!!!!! YAY!!!!

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