Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Letter June 22, 2010

Today I went to the enhancement program.. Pretty much they tell us that we need to look good because we are representing Christ.. Then they told us how to take care of our skin and then they gave us all makeovers!!! I now have in my possession $200 worth of makeup! It's really nice stuff! Apparently each month this company donates $10, 000 for this program! Crazy!

The TRC went really well! Don't know why I really take to the purchasing lessons the best, but I do!

This weekend is Mission Conference AKA lots of apostles and the like this week with many new mission presidents! Should be interesting!!!

In class we were sitting on our mats on the floor and reading the BofM in script.. I was reading when Sis.. Noppamas started laughing.. Apparently I said that the Nephites were all water buffalos.. Then we launched into the topic of animals in Thailand.. She told us all about how the monkeys will bite and steal your food and how during flood season there are water snakes and the crocidiles from the crocidile farms often get loose! Lots of fun! And the dogs chase after you on your bike! She had 10 chase her once! She said her least favorite thing is cockroaches.. She apparently prayed for them her whole mission so that she wouldn't be scared of them.. We love her!!!!

Quick story: During RS we always have a conversion spotlight.. This week we had a sister from Mainland China share her story.. She basically heard about BYU through an English teacher.. She contacted her and was told she was going on a mission but that she could talk to her dad about BYU.. While on the phone, her Dad told her about the church, etc.. Which is illegal, but hey! She said when she heard it it made sense.. She came, got baptized, etc.. now going to temple square for a mission.. She's going tomorrow! Anyways she is super lucky!

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