Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November!!!!

Wow! November already?!? Crazy!!! Time flies, ya know!

Halloween here was really funny! I live next to a lot of foreigners and they tried to live it up as much as they could. Basically the Thai people could care less. The Italian pizza place was all decorated for Halloween and they had a special Halloween promotion on pizza so of course we had to go! Then chocolate cake. Sis. Jolley and I made French toast this morning... it was divine! Ya, I've eaten a lot of bad food lately. Just needing a break from all the rice...

So, it's getting pretty chilly here. Yesterday we stepped outside to go to church and it was actually cooler outside than inside. (that's the first) Cool is basically a warm September day. It's hot but with a cool breeze. I like it! It's perfect! Apparently it's time to start breaking out the winter coats...

So, I thought I should talk about this. I haven't said much lately about the investigators. The work is going well and you wouldn't believe the number of lessons we teach each week. I just don't feel like I can talk about them because it's a bit much. You see, they all lead rather dramatic lives. Either that or drama finds me. All of the problems and things that my investigators are going through are difficult and personal. So, I really don't feel at liberty to discuss it. I will share about one investigator though!

Pii Rat: Remember her? She's still going strong! In fact, she just finished the Book of Mormon on Saturday. She insisted that she wanted to join the members in having a goal to read the Bible by next year. So that's what she's up to. Her husband still won't let her get baptized so we've been focusing on teaching her 12 year old daughter, Cherry. Yesterday was the first time Cherry went to church in a long time. YAY!!!!!

Anyways, so, just know that there's lots of people learning. Pray for them! They need it big time!

So, this week I sat on the pavement outside of her house and talked to a lady about herself. That's my favourite thing to do. She's Muslim so we can't teach her about the gospel. She talked about how similar our religions are and lots of other things about herself. I am so grateful I studied world religions before I came here. I was able to talk to her about her religion because I knew about it. Plus, through that class I gained a great respect and love for the Muslims. My area is mostly Muslims so I get to talk with them frequently. (which I love) But mostly, I love being able to walk away knowing I have made a new friend.

This week I also had a cool experience. We taught this lady along the side of the road in a neighborhood (hard to explain). We were simply teaching her how to pray. 13 kids gathered around us to listen as well. It's a cool experience to be surrounded by them learning how to pray. I felt like Maria from Sound of Music or Christ teaching the children.

Hope all is well! Keep working hard!

Love you!

Sis. Henderson


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