Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

Well, today is a holiday in Thailand. Not sure what, but it is! So happy whatever it is!!!!

We're heading into winter too over here. Too which I asked, "And how is this weather any different?"

Oh, had a FANTASTIC half birthday by the way... went to the bakery and got some cake. The lady has become a good friend of the sister missionaries.... She smiled when I ordered. She replied with, "You sure do love chocolate, don't you?"
She gave me 2 extra pieces of chocolate cake for free. It was divine!

Sis. Jongkaew is all healed. The doctor said that she just got hit really hard so it was severely bruised. She's doing great though!

This week we had 3 day training again. For some reason they decided to drag Sis. Jongkaew and me into the mix of things. Didn't have to go to the meeting, but had to help take care of all the greenies. Sis. Jongkaew went back to Bangna with 2 greenies and Sis. Eyestone (who was in the district after me in the MTC) came to me. It was pretty intense because she was depending on me to understand what everyone was saying. I will say that it is amazing how well I was able to understand and speak. If I had to train next transfer, this exchange helped me see that I could do it. Actually, next transfer I'm probably going to be companions with Sis. Eyestone. hahaha! Crazy!!! So, I'd say my language has vastly improved. I somehow seem to understand mostly everything. Just still a problem with speaking...

Well, we're in the process of changing how we teach English. I've been put in charge of teaching the very beginning class AKA the alphabet and how to read. If anyone has any advice email it to my mom and she'll email it to me.

Well, Mom, I must say, you are quite correct on the day I am ending my mission. I go to transfer meeting on Oct. 26th and I'll be riding down the escalator at the airport Oct. 27th in the evening. Home for Halloween!!!! YAY!!! So I only have one year left! Crazy, right?
So... everyone put that on your calendars.... :-)

One of our investigators told us that she doesn't have to read the scriptures at home because her priest said that they study them at church. No need to study them at home. We've had lots of Christian investigators recently. You have no idea how much your conversion story comes in handy. Because they think that people who are Christian don't change to another sect of Christianity. Just Buddhism to Christianity. Your story helps them see that no matter what church you are a part of, you can change. It's weird, I know!

Love you all!!! Can't believe it's already November!!!

Sis. Henderson

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