Monday, October 11, 2010

Cooking show host

Hello Everyone!

The Elders just barely gave us back a family that we gave to them earlier. They keep coming to church but they have many problems with our church. They are Catholic right now and the mom spends the whole time comparing our church to hers. Yesterday was painful meeting with them. She's a tyrant as the Elders call her. When we are in the middle of speaking she'll rudely interrupt and go off on something about her church. Why does she want to know about our church if she loves that one so much? Anyways, if I go into more, it will make me feel frustrated again. Basically I explained that I'm from America and have been to many other church services, you don't have to explain it to me.

I had to go to the office this week to pick up a greenie!!! No, I'm not training! Don't worry! The Thai missionaries come in a week before the foreign ones so we get to be a three-some for a week. It's been a lot of fun! Good stuff!

So we were riding our bikes through the "Oh so perfect Perfect Place" when a car drove up next to us and they rolled down the window. It was Cecil. Cecil is from France. I think I've talked about her before. She's a member and has a really thick French accent. Anyways in her French accent she says, " Good Morning Sisters!" I could've sworn she was moving her hand like in Princess Diaries to say, "thank you for being her today" as she said it. At that moment, I felt like I had just dived into a Keeping up Appearances episode. Ya, she said it just like how Hyacinth would say it. It was weird....

Conference was great! It was all in Thai. What I got from it was something about families, Priesthood, and the Holy Ghost and that's about it. I also learned that jokes don't translate over. There were times when our translator was laughing at the joke before he translated it. It was awkward to be sure.

For lunch I made cookies for the branch. Everyone was in awe of me making cookies. I was placing the dough on the cookie sheets and taking them off and I had quite an audience for that. I felt like I was doing a cooking show or something. Needless to say, the cookies were long gone before the actual food itself. Everyone was telling me that I HAD to teach them how to make them. Hey, at least they were good! Then the members started breaking out Maltesers and dark chocolate and I was like, " Now we're talking..."

This week was bizarre! I was teaching at a recent member's house. The daughter speaks English and Chinese. The Dad speaks English, Chinese, and Thai. Their friend only speaks Thai. So I taught in English and Sis. Homsombat translated it over. Just another crazy lesson with 3 languages. I told Heavenly Father that this puts a whole new spin on language study! Anyways, here's the crazy part. That language was so hard to teach! Words were only coming in Thai, not English. They asked me to pray in English at the end and it was horrible! My companion informed that I literally sounded like a Thai trying to speak English. hahaha! Ya, I'm losing it my friends! Bare with me....

This week is a Chinese holiday where they go vegetarian for a week and the restaurants don't serve meat either.... I'm not a fan.

Okay, well, best go! Love you!!!

Sis. Henderson

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