Monday, October 18, 2010

Moves 3 or transfers

Hello all!!!

Elder Perkins told us the correct term is not moves but transfer. So this is transfer 3.

Well, the unexpected always happens! Sis. Homsombat and I thought we were staying together but not so! This transfer we had 4 Thai sisters come in so Pres. Smith really had to mix things up. So what happened to me????

I'm in Saphaansung with Sis. Homsombat, Sis. Jolley, and Sis. Jongkaew (or Zhonggao for you Chinese speakers). They split our area for the sisters. I'm in the south with Sis. Jongkaew and Sis. Homsombat is in the north with Sis. Jolley. We live in the same house though! Makes life exciting! This is only for one transfer though. So it's only temporary. Transfer meeting was crazy though! 65% of our mission is under 5 transfers. We're all really young! All the Elders that jopped or went home this past week were all zone leaders and office elders. Crazy!!! Anyways what this means is that I am currently senior companion or pii. Sis. Webb was saying she didn't go pii till transfer 8. Shows you how young everyone is right now. Sis. Hirschi and Sis. Johnson are serving together. They're already fluent so it's no problem.

My companion actually came into the mission with me but left for three weeks for the MTC. Now she's back! She's really great at being bold. I don't think I could ever get away with how bold she is. And this weekend was so scary! We were riding along on our bikes when this car zoomed out of the neighborhood and completely slammed into Sis. Jongkaew. She went flying and all the contents on her bike went flying. I didn't see it but I definitely heard it. She got up and walked away from it. She only has a couple of scrapes and bruises and possibly a sprained ankle. Her bike is in perfect condition. For the speed that car was going at, I'd say it was definitely a miracle.
She says there's nothing wrong with her ankle but it's swollen. I'm taking her to the hospital whether she likes it or not! Oh, by the way, there is no such thing as just a medical clinic. You go to the hospital for everything. Guess it makes it easier if you need some higher technology....

I made microwave cake last night and I've never seen Sis. Jongkaew more excited. Guess I now know the way to her heart! :-) She's been pleading with me to make brownies... any good recipes?

I already know the exact day I'm going home! :-) You'll find out soon! I'll tell you when I hit my year left mark.....

Well, to be honest, there really wasn't much going on this week. We've been doing lots of tracting or inviting because of the split. It's been really cold too! I've been contemplating buying a coat! Ya, you should look at the temperatures this last weekend and you'll know what cold is for me.....

Love you all!!!

Sis. Henderson

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