Monday, October 4, 2010



Conference sounds great!!!! I'm so excited for the temple in Indy!!! We have to go when it is done!!! I get to hear conference in Thai.

Oh, last week you talked about how dress standards changed for the Sister missionaries. They announced it my last week in the MTC. I was like, "Go figure! My last week in the MTC and now they decide we don't have to wear nylons." Ya, it's a nice change!

Well, this week has been a super crazy one! We ended up not having a baptism because she wasn't quite ready yet. That's all I'm saying about that....

Tuesday we had a fireside meeting in Asoke. No one knew what it was about. We all sat in the church wondering what on earth we were learning about. Then Pres. Smith announced that today we get to think about after mission stuff. We had people from BYU-Hawaii give a presentation about their school, etc. It was crazy to think about all of that again. I felt like I was in school again....weird. Basically it was for the Thai missionaries who don't get a lot of opportunities to go to school in USA. It was good!

So..... Heavenly Father always has surprises in store for us. On Tuesday, I mailed my letter to Austin explaining how I do not study Chinese anymore nor speak it because there is no one to talk to in Chinese. Well, I feel like I eat my words each week. That night a girl walked into the church. I started speaking in Thai to her and she was like, " No, I no speak Thai! I am Chinese." I was like, " Someone pinch me right now, this is not happening!" We were teaching english that night. She looked at the picture of Christ on the wall and started apologizing for not knowing about who he is. I was like, "Believe me, I know that you don't know." I asked if she wanted to know about him and she energetically said yes. Our first lesson with her was pretty crazy! Nothing like teaching in 3 languages!!! It was insane! My mind was like, "No more!" It was very simple and very eye-openingfor me. Chinese and Thai are not the same. The whole time I kept thinking about how chinese she was. It was great! I was so glad to have all of the Chinese stuff from Austin. So thank you Austin! You saved me there. I taught her how to pray in Chinese. She was just so thrilled to have it in Chinese.

We had companion exchanges with Sis. Jolley this week! That was a blast. And when we were returning, I was in a taxi and I looked out the window to see an elephant walking down the busy streets of Bangkok. I was shocked someone would use an elephant as transportation, but hey, why not?

I'm so proud of Nong Blithe! She's progressing by leaps and yards! On a test in school they asked the question: "Buddha and God are the same. True or False." She put down false because they aren't the same. She got it wrong. I was like, " That question is so unfair. What kind of question is that? Did she tell the teacher about it?" Sis. Homsombat was like, "This is Thailand Sister. You can't just go up to your teacher and tell them about it." I thought it was quite interesting. I'm very proud of Nong Blithe for standing up for her beliefs. She's amazing!

Okay! Well, I love you all!!! Thanks for everything!!!


Sister Henderson

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