Monday, September 27, 2010

Halfway through Moves 2.....Really??


Okay, First off thank you for all of the mail this week!

So this week was really good! More training meetings this week. I don't know if you've noticed, but we've had a meeting every week this moves. Crazy!!!

This past week we had companion exchanges with Bangkapi sisters. It was fun! I was with Sis. Oneil who is going to finish next month. She's served here before so she had a blast taking me to all these different places that I've never been to. Also rode the klong. It's a small path along the river. It was quite an adventure! And the people we met along there....

Well, as promised, here's my investigator update:

Note: In Thailand you use titles such as Mr. and Mrs. when talking to people. This is what you say:

Pii: Those who are older, but not way older than you.
Nong: Those who are younger than you.
Maa: Those who are old enough to be your mom. (not that I'm saying you're old mom)
Baa/yay: Those who are old enought to be your grandma.
If they're close to your age, you don't use a title.

Gip: Well, a little bit crazy this week because we had our meeting with the Branch President this week and we talked about how Gip is getting baptized on 10/10/10. Then he said that we couldn't do that because it's general conference day. Why they couldn't tell us this before, no one knows. Anyways, so we asked Gip what she wanted to do and we are now having it Oct. 3rd. This means I have a lot of work this week.... I'm excited though! She's really ready for it! She told us of, yes, another dream she's had with Christ in it. She hadn't read the Book of Mormon for two days. Christ in her dream came to her and told her that she's forgotten Him and she had a lot of pain. Okay, I didn't fully understand it, but basically after the dream she knew she had to read everyday. :-) Yep!

Pii Joy: Oh Joy..... words really can't describe her. Joy has a lot of pain in her life. She's been abused so much that she has a mental problem. There are 2 Joys see... one is normal, the other is some high pitched, english-speaking cartoon character about the age of 7. It's really crazy! The first time we met with her it took about 15 min. to establish what language she speaks. When she's not herself, she claims she can't speak/understand Thai. Her english is hard to understand because it's so high-pitched and mixed with Thai. It's crazy. Anyways, it's been remarkable to teach her because we have seen a vast improvement in her. She's not switching as much anymore. There's definitely more control in her life now. She even got a new job and is doing great. We love her!

Pii Rat: Okay, so I said last time that I know she received her answer, but she won't admit it, right? Well, here's the story... we watched the Restoration DVD with her and afterwards the spirit whispered to me that this was her answer. You could tell by the look on her face that she got it. Her whole countance has changed. I didn't know at the time that Sis. Homsombat received the same revelation. We asked her about it but she claimed she felt nothing. That I knew was a lie. Next visit with her I asked her about it. It was funny because she looked at me the whole lesson because she knew that I knew. She said that she did receive her answer, but she wasn't confident in it and was scared. I asked her to pray about it again about the feelings she felt in the movie. Next time we met with her, she said that it's true for reals. She's knows she's got to make a decision, either deny everything that the spirit has told her or get baptized. Hmmm... We're working on helping her let go of her fears and look at the big picture.

Pii Bu: Well, I wish we could say the same about Pii Bu. We're really struggling with her. I still feel like this is a recreational activity for her. The problem: the world. She's got her eyes on it. She's holding to the rod but earnestly looking and keeping her eyes on the great and spacious building. It's interesting to teach Pii Rat and Pii Bu together because Pii Rat even notices it. Everytime Pii Bu talks about something Pii Rat looks at her like, "Clearly you don't understand." That's the hard part for Pii Rat is seeing her friend not progressing and understanding like she is. Anyways, she definitely isn't getting baptized anytime soon unless she changes.

Nong Blithe: I've had questions about her. She's Pii Bu's daughter. They're on the same page.

Pii Oi: New investigator that walked into church the day of the Open House. She's doing good! She sincerely wants change in her life. Her family has lots of problems and she's seeking comfort and peace. She's a retired teacher. She's as sweet as honey. Last time we met with her, she had her dining room table full of food for us to eat! She's so nice!

Yay lamphay: She's Christian and just lists off these questions she has everytime! It's quite intense! It's interesting how people here don't understand that there are many different kinds of Christianity. Everyone thinks Christianity is like one church or something. So she's concerned about that.

That's all for this time! There's more, but I won't go into them right now.

So do I go tracting? haha! Yes! Almost everyday when we have no appointments because no one is home yet from school and work. In fact, this past week I ran into another family with a down's syndrome daughter. I know, go figure, right? I talked about Heather and she invited us in to her house. She loved hearing about Heather. She wasn't interested in the gospel but Heather opened the door a little bit. Her daughter reminded me of Heather too! She kept saying, " mai ow, mai ow! " Which basically means she doesn't want it or Nope! She even gave me the hand like Heather does saying "nope!" hahaha!

Well, I had my last rabies shot this week!!!! YAY!!!! I celebrated by going to the bakery and eating delicious chocolate cake. I love this bakery because everytime we order 2 slices, the owner insists that we take 3 more for free. Hey, I'm not complaining. She claims we are so cute and do so much good that we deserve it!

Love you all!!! Thanks!

Sister Henderson

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