Monday, September 20, 2010

Another week in Thailand

Hello hello!!!

Well, this week has been an adventure! After rejuvenating my energy at Baskin Robbins (which was a trip to heaven and back), we went back to work on teaching the Thai people!

I've been chosen to be the English leader which means I get to speak English 24/7!!!!! hahahaha!!! No, I'm kidding! It means I am the leader for the way English is taught in my area. Great stuff!

Okay, so the more I'm here the more I believe that the movie, "Cats and Dogs" is true! I've mentioned that dogs randomly gather in groups and then split in all different directions randomly. This past week in the middle of Perfect neighborhood cats have been gathering together. They sit at least 7 of them in a circle on the street corner under a lamp post. Suspicious? I think so... Plus, when have cats been social animals like that?

This week was the long awaited open house. I was actually thoroughly impressed with what the members did. It was really awesome! They all worked so hard! Days literally spent at the church to get things ready. Before the open house a French lady who married a Thai came and talked to us. She's really funny! I am known as the Englishman's daughter. I mentioned that Dad is from Newcastle... Her husband studied in England for a long time. He was thrilled to talk to me about it.

Anyways, the open house had a great turnout. Even a monk from the Buddhist temple close by came. The meeting had a video of a member now living in Utah. They showed footage of Utah. That night God granted me the gift to see Utah through the eyes of the Thai people. It was quite a special experience. From that I understood how completely lucky and special I have been to grow up there. For those who are in Utah, you have no idea how privileged you are to live there. Looking at Utah made it seem like a place that was utopia. A place only really real in fairytales. It's hard to describe, but it was amazing.

Afterwards everyone rushed outside to eat. No one even looked at the building to see what the members had done. It makes me sad. They put some much work into it and no one looked at it. Oh, well!

That day was a hard one for my companion. She's from Bangkok. So, that open house was full of people she knew including her family. It would be like me being called to serve in my stake. That would be really hard! She's a trooper!

Yesterday we were out inviting when we stopped by this family who had a 6 yr. old with down syndrome. This was the first one I've seen in Thailand. I said "Hello!" To which she responded with sticking out her tongue to me. Hmmm... what a familiar response! I talked to her mom about Heather even showed a picture. She was really intrigued and showed the picture to all her friends of Heather. My guess is, she hasn't met many or zero who have a similar situation. She wasn't interested in the gospel but I made a new friend. hahaha! It just reminded me a lot of Heather. Love you Heather!!!!! This is me sticking my tongue out to you :P

Later that day we ran into a few people who were chillin' in the evening. They kept talking about how beautiful I was as they usually do. As always they asked if I had a boyfriend. Needless to say, there are many people here in Thailand holding out that I break up with Austin and marry their son. Anyways, this particular time, I was actually able to really converse with them. It was great!

Received revelation that Pii Rat has her answer but isn't telling us.... yep, she's scared.

Gip is my hero! When we taught about chastity, that night she talked to her boyfriend and the next day, she moved out. She has amazing faith!

Received another investigator who walked into the church searching for more happiness... She's amazing too!

Well, next week I'll give you an update on investigators!!!! It's going to be great!!!!

Love you all!!! Thanks for all of your support!!!


Sister Henderson

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