Monday, September 6, 2010

Moves 2


So here I am in the heart of moves 2! I'm in the same area with a different companion. I'll talk about her later.
This past week I saw my Ma, Sis. Lifferth, die. It was super depressing! I wanted to cry but decided there was no need for tears. Since she is a jobber (finishing the mission) we had 2 P-days to prepare for her departure!
It was quite a blast! I loved it! And the other sister who was jobbing too came down to our place and had quite a party.... of missionary work. We went to Brathunam (I don't know how to spell it) which is the tallest tower in
Thailand. It's the 28th tallest in the world. It was pretty intense. Saw an alien. Shopped... a lot! :-) I got my one item from move 1. It's pretty awesome. It's a vase and the interior design major helped me pick it out. The next day was
moves meeting and we saw all of the nongthais come in from the MTC. I love them! Sis. Lifferth's jobbing line (as they all get an opportunity to say their last words) "In the words of Neil Diamond, "I'm going to America, TODAY!!!!!" Job!"
hahaha! I love her!!!
Then I got my new companion. She is Thai and her name is Sis. Homsombat. She's on her 3rd move so she's not that far ahead of me.
At first I will admit, I was really nervous to get a Thai companion, but I've been really prepared for it. On the drive home she talked about how her favorite things to eat is cheese, chocolate, ice cream...
I knew immediately after that that we were going to be great friends! hahaha! She speaks English really well! Some people think she's Philipinno. We switch off in speaking to help each other improve. So every other day we speak English and switch off with Thai. It's really great! She's super dramatic too! She acts out everything for me! I love it! She should go into theatre... she also loves watching musicals.

So I'm sure many of you are dying to know how the language is going.... It's still going but I will say it has vastly improved and not by anything on my part. I'll say before my Thai was okay. It was super weird though. The instant Sis. Homsombat became my companion, my Thai improved. It is purely the gift of tongues. I understand and can talk far greater than I ever have before. It's super weird. So, I'm getting it! Really!

So Peanut Butter.... what is it with pb? When I come to Asia, I indulge in it. Eat everything with PB. I've come to find out that all the other sisters are eating the exact same way. They're all like, "I don't know, but all of the sudden I really like pb." Maybe there's something up with that.....

We had a referral lesson with the Branch president's family last night. They are soo funny! I showed our family picture and they commented how everyone looks so nice.

Our investigators are going really well especially Gip. We've become quite good friends lately. It's been a lot of fun to teach her. And we've been teaching lots of new people too! We've had a lot of people randomly walk into church on Sunday because they are curious. I must say, that's the best way to get investigators!

Sorry I don't have much news this week! There isn't a lot of news because of all the changing around everything....

I love you all!!!! Enjoy Labor Day!!!!! I'm enjoying mine!

Sis. Henderson

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