Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Me Again!


I've got so much to tell you! It's crazy how much happens in a week! Really!

So... last p-day we went to the mall and ate at Sizzler which quite frankly was amazing! Then we went to the hospital in Bangkok which is super nice! I really like the set-up!

You go in and register and they give you a membership card. Then they tell you where to go according to your problem. So I explained my situation and Sis. Johnson explained hers. (She has huge scabs all over her legs from mosquitoes) He told Sis. Johnson that she needs to go to the dermatology center. Then he turns to me and says, " You need to go into surgery." I'm like, "No!!! It's only a dog bite!" He's like, "You have to go into surgery right now." I kept saying over and over how I don't need surgery. He told me that it isn't what I think. Just go to the surgery center. So we go. They take me into this room and check all my vitals (I'm still alive) and then had me go sit out again. Then they had me go in again and sit at a desk with the doctor to which we had a lovely conversation. Afterwards he had me go out and asked the nurse to prepare the shot. Then they sent me to the Cashier's office which is like the DDM where they give you a number and you wait till they call you to go up and pay. Then I go back and then they gave me the shots. I have to go back 4 now 3 more times to complete the vaccine. They were super nice! It was really fast and efficient too! They just whip people through. So needless to say the "Surgery Center" isn't for surgeries. It's for small injuries. I personally think it can be translated better....

We went to the dermatology center for Sis. Johnson. It looked like a hotel. Probably because it's the same place for plastic surgery and Botox. Same drill there too. The doctor was so disgusted with her legs. It was hilarious! She kept saying over and over, "2nd bacteria infection!" She gave her like 5 medicines to clear it up! She's already doing better!

So that was a great experience. The hospital just called right now to remind me that I get to go in tomorrow for my next set! YAY!!!!

However, this news is not the highlight of my week, definitely not!!!

Pii Bu and Nong Blithe finally agreed to get baptized!!!! On 10/10/10!!! AND...... Gip too!!!!

Gip is just zooming along! She's incredible! Last night she was visited by Christ in her dreams and he took her sins away and poured water on her head (baptism). Apparently a lot of Thai people have spiritual dreams. She just kept saying over and over how true everything is.....
She's so prepared!

Pii Bu.... still doesn't understand why she needs to get married before getting baptized. We're like, "You've been with him for over 30 years. Why would there be a problem?" She doesn't want to because what if randomly we decide to split up? Then what? hahaha! She's dramatic!

So we're excited for them! They're awesome!

Pii rat wants to get baptized too but her husband is against it too! We're working on it! No worries!

Yes.... this is my last few days Sis. Lifferth. On Thursday I get a new companion! We're pretty positive that it will be a Thai sister because there literally is no one else. That's okay! I'll learn Thai!

Love you all!!!!


Sister Henderson

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