Thursday, August 19, 2010

Zone Conference

Sister Henderson and her companion, Sister Lifferth

Sister Henderson eating mango and sticky rice

Sister Henderson and the mission president's wife, Janis Smith
From a letter sent to Holly:
Thailand is amazing! It's really different though! I eat rice for like every meal! It's really good! I love it!
And there are dogs everywhere! We were exercising at the park on Saturday and all of the dogs in the neighborhood were going crazy! They all met up at the park, had a meeting or something and then all ran in different directions at the same time. It was super weird!
So I've discovered that riding a bike in a skirt is not easy! My skirt is always flying up! I feel like Kiki, in the movie "Kiki's Delivery Service," when she's flying on her broomstick and her skirt is going everywhere. When we're out riding our bikes everywhere people shout out all the English they know as we pass: "Hello!" "How are you?" "I love you!" The guy at the checkpost always says, "Hello, I love you!" and opens the gate for us. It's really funny!
So I'm teaching a couple of girls your age right now with their parents. They don't get done with school till 8 P.M.! Crazy right?
Every house has a fence and gate in front because of robbers. Also no one has a front door like we do. All the doors are like our back sliding door. I quite like it. Our house is awesome right? And its only me and my companion that live here.

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