Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 2 in Thailand!

Hello from Thailand!

Just got back from an exciting day in Bangkok. We went to the wadpergao or something like that. It's basically the main Buddhist temple in Thailand. It was amazing! So sparkly and breathtaking! Got some good pics of the outside. We met up with Sis. Jolley and the other Bangkok sisters today. They kept shutting down the temple and wouldn't let us in. Apparently very important people, mainly the princess and some of her friends were there. We got to see her friends up close! And when we were trying to leave, they shut down all of the streets so that the princess could leave. Exciting! It was weird to be there because there were so many foreigners. In Saphaan Sung (where I am), we are like the only foriegners. So it was weird to see people like me again. Rode home on a boat! Quite exciting! It rained all day so I was already wet anyways!

This week has been so amazing! We had 13 investigators at church yesterday! It was so good! And they all got to see a baptism. The Elders had a baptism last week and will have another next week. Oh, it was so good! A little crazy though! Trying to get all the kids where they need to go and such. The new church is beautiful! I love it! Although I'm starting to turn Thai meaning the air conditioner is becoming an enemy than a friend.

Went to pii Bu's house ( the social queen of the neighborhood) for dinner this week. She is one of our investigators. She has 3 kids, one of which is autisitc like severe autistic. She's a warrior! Her husband hasn't joined us yet, but he will. Anyways we had stir-fry roman noodles and french fries and chicken wings. ( The dad likes american food). It was really good! I swear everytime we go over there there is someone new who wants to listen. A few days ago we were over there and an eleven year old was over there. We asked if everyone has been reading. Usually we have about 8 people over there when we teach. The new girl said she had already read 30 pages of the Book of Mormon and so has her mom who wasn't there. Wow! So we go over to her house the next day and find out that the dad is very much against it. Apparently the mom and daughter really want to learn so they've been reading and praying in secret. That actually happens a lot here. The dads always eventually end up converting so don't worry!

Taught English last Tuesday! It was so much fun! And all of them are amazing! They honestly all have way better handwriting than me! I was like, "Wow, I should just sit down."

Did I tell you about Maa A? She is soo cute! When we were over teaching the plan of salvation, I started to teach about this life and she started laughing outloud. Apparently I was just so cute that she couldn't get over it.... Weird, I know, but it happens a lot!

So Thailand has so many dogs on the streets. They wonder around in packs just like Lady and the Tramp or something. Buddhists don't believe in killing anything so dogs are everywhere! They're all taken care of and most are nice.

I really like this take off your shoes deal. Whenever you come to a building you leave your shoes at the door and go barefoot. Like right now, I'm in an internet cafe going barefoot! I love it! And I also love toast! The Thai's love toast here. They have shops and carts devoted to making toast and having all of this stuff to put on toast. Yummy! And also crepes. Not like normal crepes. It's like a fortune cookie that's softer and you can put anything in it: chocolate, oreo, nuts , sprinkles, gummies, etc. It's so good!

Oh, so I should say that no one actually really cooks at home here. Everyone usually buys stuff off of the street. We actually don't really have a kitchen. Only a fridge. Anyways, everyday people make some kind of food and take their stand and sell it each day. It's like Taylorsville Dayzz but everyday! Imagine putting up a booth and taking it down everyday! That's what they do! It's nice because everyone who sells is good at what they make. Really good! So, it's like everyone making the thing that they are good at and bringing it to a potluck. There's always a great selection!

Well, I need to be off! Like really!

Love you all!


Sister Henderson , Em

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