Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello from Thailand!!!


Travel to Thailand was great. It was fun traveling together as a group.
The night that we got there they gave us an orientation and then immediately had us go out on the streets of Bangkok to give out a BofM (Book of Mormon) with no help from our senior companion... Scary!
But, we all did it! Awesome, right?

Moves was quite a party the next day! Oh, we stayed in the mission home with the Smiths. I got assigned to be with Sis. Lifferth in LA (AKA Bangkok, Bangkok in Thai means land of angels so they call it LA), can't remember the city name...sorry!
Sis. Jolley is in the next door city... going to see her today! Sis. Naegle went to heaven AKA ChiangMai. Sis. Johnson went to the white wash area. Sis. Hirschi went out to the middle of nowhere. I bet she's excited!

After moves we hopped into a taxi and drove about an hour away and immediately started working. Thailand reminds me a lot of China. It has the same look, except more tropical, green, and better food! The food is so good here! I was eating rice one night and the only thing that could come to mind was Heather's words, "This is good rice!" hahaha! Really! Most of the food is spicy, fortunately I've been able to find a way around it for now...

We ride bikes everywhere! I never imagined myself riding a bike in crazy asian traffic, but here I am! It's quite exciting! And sometimes we ride on the sidewalk (just like it is in China) and the tiles are broken, etc. I often feel like I'm mountain biking in a skirt!

My trainer is amazing! She's from Springville and this is her last move! She's leaving in 6 weeks! Weird!!!! So she really knows how things work which is really nice! I'm quite excited to learn from her, she's already taught me a lot! Her personality reminds me a lot of Virginia. So we have lots of fun together!

It's funny being in asia again where everyone thinks you're gorgeous because of your skin. I honestly get hit on way to many times throughout the day. I had a guy even try to kiss my hand on my second day! Sis. Lifferth and I had a good laugh about that one. Let's just say, contacting is always an adventure!!!

My second day it also downpoured like big time. We were teaching and then we came out and the streets were completely flooded! The water was almost mid-calf deep. Never been so glad to have worn crocs!!! Crazy!!! That was fun to bike through to! Like I said, it's all a great adventure!

Our house is awesome and super nice! It's two levels for the both of us and is next to a 7/11. I like the convenience! Haven't seen a cockroach yet! Our house is mostly ants. Ants that are smaller than the ones at home! I can handle those!!!
We live right next to the neighborhood called Perfect Place. It's like a ridiculously nice neighborhood. Most of them have servants and such. A lot of foreigners live there because it is a very secure and nice area! Really nice! I like biking through it everyday!

Our branch is getting a new building next week! They've been having church at an office building, but now they actually have a full out building! It looks super nice! We're excited for that!!!

Our investigators are great! We're focusing on families. We're teaching pii bu and pii rat. Both different families. They are best friends though! Pii Bu is like the social queen of the neighborhood, though! She has quite an influence. Last Friday we were teaching a lesson and all of these people kept coming in and listening so we stopped and taught the intro lesson. Many of them went home and prayed! She tells everyone that comes over how to pray and tells them to pray. Hopefully we'll see more progress in that neighborhood!

Well, I 'm off!


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