Thursday, July 8, 2010

More from Emily July 8, 2010

Emily's fruit and vegetable vocabulary pictionary
So we got a letter from Sis. Chambers, a piithay, about her second week in Thailand. It was great to hear about her adventures. It made us super excited for Thailand. She shared how she was at a member's house eating dinner when they all started pointing at her and laughing. She turned around and to her horror, there was a huge spider, bigger than her hand! Her companion informed her that she'll see bigger ones! Yikes!

She went to the mall with a bunch of sisters and got ice cream on P-day. I think Thailand has got something going there. They've combined my 3 favorite foods: ice cream on sticky rice served on a hotdog bun. hahaha! I've got to try that one!

Sunday was stressful for her cuz they had 13 investigators there! WOW!

She told about her experience teaching this lady who apparently in the middle of their lesson started chanting in Thai. Apparently she's a fortune teller. Interesting.....

Which reminds me of our lesson Sis. Noppamas gave us on beliefs in Thailand. Worshipping trees, animals, even license plates. She was trying to tell us what is in the Thai mind when we talk about religion. It helped me see how there is a lot of explanation involved! She also warned us of how much darkness is in Thailand. How it is crucial for us to always be paying attention to the spirit. Whenever it leaves, we need to leave quickly too! (Not to scare anyone.) It is always important to be following the guidance of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost will always keep you in places that you should be. Look for it's guidance everyday and you will surely be guided!

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