Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello everyone from the very wet Thailand!

Okay, first and foremost a quick reminder: Don't send any packages through any service including UPS. Send it through normal mail. Or else I have to pay hefty and I mean hefty fines for it.

So, I forgot to finish my wad trip last preparation day. While we were at the temple, we had a Thai sister with us who was waiting for her visa to come through to serve in New Zealand, which cleared when we were there. She explained all of the stuff to us and it was really neat! Like, super amazing! They have the history of Thailand on this big walls. It all starts with a war in Heaven. Good vs. Evil. Good wins out. Sound familiar? Then the rest of the stories are like Bible stories combined. Weird. We walked to one of the temples that is decorated with flowers and has these strange creature statues infront of it. She told us how they believe the first people on the earth lived in a sacred garden that was guarded by these creatures who carried a sword (Garden of Eden and the cheribums with the flaming sword). Then we went to the main temple and it was so sparkly! It was like, wow! Almost felt like I was walking into a treasury or something. Anyways they had all of these statues holding their hands out and they all had dots in their hands. I asked what they are. She said that they believe someone greater than Buddha will come and he will have holes or markes in his hands. I was like, "Are you serious?"
They believe in Christ without even knowing it! Amazing! It was really cool to learn about that stuff.

The new church building is so nice! In fact I was freezing at church! It was sooo cold! There's a brother in our ward that seriously has the exact same voice of Uncle Chris but speaks Thai. It super weird! Just know that I think about ya everytime I'm at church! There's a picture in our church and I don't know why they put it in our church because the people can't relate to it at all. It's a picture of the pioneers harvesting wheat in the fields. All of the people are like, "Oh, they're harvesting rice!" "What a nice picture of the rice fields." Sis. Lifferth and I had to explain to them what wheat fields are.

We had switch-offs this last Friday. My first experience with a Thai companion! She was super nice! I felt like I didn't talk the whole day though! The experience made me very grateful for my area and my companion. The people are little bit nicer where I live. I had 4 dogs chasing us on our bikes that day! Scary!!! hahaha! The dogs are even nicer where I live! The sisters that we switched with have a super nice apartment. They're the only people living in the whole complex because it is so nice! More like a hotel really! All of the staff serve only them! Wow!

So I mentioned how wet it is here. Well, It's rained everyday this week. So much that I don't think I've really been dry at all. We show up at appointments soaked all the way through. It's great. Who needs swimming? And our neighborhood is always flooded. It makes me fell like we live at a lake house. Everyday the water is lapping up on our driveway like the ocean. It's crazy! I said we should invest in a little boat. We could actually use it in our streets! I've just gotten used to walking through water up to my knees. It's great fun!

On behalf of Gabbi I enjoyed fried ice cream this week! It's really good!!!

Well, quickly a little about our investigators:

Maa A:
Has a baptism date!!! YAY!!! 29th! The other day she stopped our lesson because she was concerned that my freckles hurt.

Oh, I'm out of time! Sorry! I'll have to do it next week....

Love you all!!!

Em/Sister Henderson

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