Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello everyone!

Okay, so as promised, I'll first share a little about each of my investigators:

Maa A: She's about 55 yrs. old and is just so lovable! We think she's one of those people who has loved Jesus for years but never admitted it because everyone is Buddhist. She said that before we came she wanted to learn about Christ but thought that she was too old to learn. hahaha! Anyways, she's the one with the baptism date. She's actually the very first person I taught here. We're kind of worried because as usual the husband doesn't like it one bit and he makes it known. She said he gave her permission, but he doesn't like it. We're worried it could be a problem so that's what we're working on this week. She's hilarious! We told her about the ten commandments and how you can't lust. She said that when she walks down the street she sees people and she just has love for them and wants to help them. (She just loves everyone) We told her that's definitely okay. Then at church she loved the music so much that she wanted a hymnbook to read when she is at home. We gave her one our many hymn books at home. We talked about having sisters help us teach investigators in relief society. Later that day Maa A called us and asked when she can help us teach. We had to explain that it's for people to come and help us teach her. We thought it was very generous of her though! We love her so much! We really hope her husband's heart is softened....

Pii Rat: A mom that has 3 kids 14yrs-5yrs. She's amazing! Always reads the scriptures each day and is just dutiful in doing her commitments. In fact, she heard rumor when she started learning from us that we don't drink coffee so she just dropped it. Amazing right? She's good in absolutely everything except keeping the sabbath day. Like most people, she works in the market on sundays. She's having a hard time having the faith to just try it out. Once she does, she'll get on that highway and stay there. She has a best friend who is our next investigator.

Pii Bu: She's someone I've talked about before. The social queen of the neighborhood. She cuts hair and is really into fashion. Has 3 kids too! She's really getting it now. Not sure what happened because over a day everything about her changed. Now she's really getting it and progressing like crazy. She hasn't set a baptism date because she's still afraid as most people are in this kind of culture. She's strong though! She can do it!

Baa gai: Baa gai is the grandma and her grandchildren: Euro, Aiko, and Namo. Never have I met such well-behaved and christ-like kids! They're incredible! They really get it! It's just hard because the grandma has twisted feet so she walks on her ankles and half of the time she can't go anywhere because it hurts. The mom was really interested but has to work now so she literally has no time.

Pii Dik: Pii Dik has 20 people in her family! We've only taught a little bit, but it's super crazy when we do!

Pii Bu and Pii Num: They're new! We found them contacting. We usually have to say that you don't have to change religions in order to learn about Christ. They have this belief that if you do anything with the Christians, you have to be Christian. Anyways so we said that and the dad was like, "We want to change religions though! " You can only imagine how that took us aback! Super cute family!

Alright, that's the most promising ones. There's more, but no time to talk about them!

Funny story! Everyone here thinks I'm only 12 or 15. They always ask my companion if she's my mom! hahaha! She doesn't like that one!

Finally had ice cream on a bun with sticky rice! Quite delicious, if you like bread! Try it!

Oh, I'm a horrible daughter and forgot to wish you mom a Happy Mother's Day!!!! It's Mother's Day when it is the Queen's birthday! Quite a celebration! Fireworks and everything. No school. No work. Sounds great right? It was great until the neighborhood speakers came on. They came on at 6 am! Wishing everyone a happy mother's day and then started playing 5 songs over and over and over for 8 and a half hours!!!!! Try studying through that! It was a fun day though! Everyone is always super nice on a holiday and super drunk.

Oh, I've noticed that the sewing machines here are ancient! No one has a nice one like you mom! They all have one's like that black one you have. Ancient!

Oh and a side note: I eat rice for every meal. If I don't have it, I'm hungry.

Hope all is well!!!


Sister Henderson

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