Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Letter from May 25, 2010


So not really anything to report on this week.

I've learned how to read script and we are using the script hymn books now to sing. (It can be a bit slow at times)

We've heard plenty about the civil unrest in Thailand and are very aware of the situation. Sis Noppamas (my teacher from Thailand) was very distressed early this week because her family had to evacuate Bangkok because it became too dangerous. We've been told that the pressure really is on us now because we are going to Thailand at a time when it is most needed. So more is expected of us.

Our district had dinner with Bro. Swenson who is part of the Missionary Dept. for the church. He was telling us about his job. Quite fascinating! He's in charge of us from the moment are papers are entered and to the moment we enter the MTC. He also helps with missionaries who experience situations such as medical and such. He said he's been part of the selection process of where missionaries go on their mission for a good 20 years. He told us about how the conference talk is very true to what it is like. He said that the most important part of the application is our picture. They really stare at our picture for a long time and look into our eyes. And that's where the inspiration is really given. We all kind of freaked out about that since none of us really liked our picture that much. He's speaking on Sunday so we look forward to hearing more from him.

Take care!



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