Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Letter sent May 18, 2010

This week for RS we had Sis. Cook and Dibb from the General YW presidency come and speak to us. It was really fun to listen to them. Sis Dibb opened up her talk to allow us to ask questions about her
father. It was really interesting to find out some fun facts about him. I found out that Pres. Monson and Heather have something in common; they both have to watch Perry Mason at night! I think that might
be why KBYU keeps that program going.
I don't know if I mentioned last week at all but for last Tuesday's devotional Elder Holland came and spoke to us! As always, it was a great message about taking our work seriously! Needless to say the Elders
in our district straightened up after that devotional. :-)

Just a quick note about how nice the MTC treats the sisters....

I don't think I've really ever touched a door here or even touched my tray after I'm done eating. The Elders are all so good about treating us well!
There's a makeup class they offer here for fun. You go to the class and get $200 worth of free makeup for you to use on the mission.
There's the early-morning workout classes (not awesome for me, but definitely for others) that are just for the sisters.
We get special speakers for each RS whereas the Elders just get to listen to their Branch President.
We have our own special shop that's full of clothes and such just for sisters.
We can even go to the salon and have someone do our hair for the day! I have to say, it's pretty nice!

Well, I'm sorry this is such a dismal letter. I plan on being better next week by making a rough draft or something.
How anyone has time to talk about anything in 30 minutes is beyond me!!!

Love you!!!!

Sister Emily Henderson
He Aimei

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