Monday, February 7, 2011

It's February!

Me at wad Arun (wad is a Buddhist Temple)

Us walking for miles

Me on the 2tow.

This is our elephant, Nong wan

Me riding the elephant

Cherry's baptism is kind of up in the air right now. She might now get baptized this Sunday. She certainly will sometime in the future though.

Ya, the weird thing about being in this zone is that we are the only sisters in it. Makes zone activities interesting ya know.

My investigators have been talking about the weather in America and how I wouldn't want to go back. hahaha! Didn't realize it was that bad!
Wow, crazy it is already February! Sis. Supansa and I are enjoying some of our last few days together! SAD! I'm going to miss her. This week I get to have a 3 day exchange with Sis. Hirschi here in Lopburi. We'll get to relive the old days together.

Obviously Sis. Supansa and I made it back home last week. We just stepped out of the internet cafe when the 2tow came. If we missed that one, we would've been stuck for another 2 hours! Sheesh! It was a great adventure last week! As promised, here are the photos.

Great week. We've been focusing on trying to get the Proclamation to the World out to the people because that is what Thailand is struggling with the most. It's been amazing to see how that opens people up. We just give it to people and when we see them next time, they just start crying to us about how they want everything in it. They literally plead with us to know how to get these things. We're like, "well...."

Ya, it's been a great experience. I'm sorry this is so short, but this will have to do.

Love you all!!!


Sis. Henderson

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