Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Songkran!!!

First off, Happy birthday Alyssa and Lindsay!!!!!! and Happy Songkran to everyone!!!!!! Songkran is the long awaited holiday of every missionary. It's the nationwide water fight that lasts for three days starting on Wed.-Fri. Today actually isn't my prepration day, but we were given permission to email anyways. We will have it on Wed. The branch is having a songkran activity where we will have a full out water fight (it is really hot now!). It should be fun! We've been told not to visit the park at all because the park will be all over you once you leave. Nasty swamp water! Also EVERYTHING shuts down for the occasion, except 7/11 respectfully. Today Sis. Eyestone and I took a leisurely 16 mile (28 kilos) bike ride to an investigator. Along the way, we ran into many kids who decided to celebrate early (like the early trick-or-treaters). They stood on both sides of the road with huge buckets and a hose. The first few groups missed me, but an older kid group nailed me on both sides. Ya, I was soaked! hahaha! The crazy thing was that I was dry in a matter of minutes! I can only imagine what it will be like when the whole town will play...... more of that saga to come! Conference was wonderful!!! Sis. Eyestone and I were able to listen to all of it in English before watching it in Thai. I'm so glad we did! I loved the talks that you talked about. We both especially loved the smack down that Pres. Monson gave at the end of the Priesthood session. (Get married Austin, what are you waiting for??? :-) heeheehee) I was so impressed with the members here. They all dedicatedly went to the sessions. We watched the YW meeting too. It was funny because apparently none of the YW showed up to watch it. The older women wanted to watch it though. They claimed they were just a few years older than the YW. It was so much fun to watch it with them. They just kept talking about how little and cute/pretty all of them were. It was a great meeting basking in the great divine nature of womanhood. Working with Sis. Eyestone has been so much fun. She reminds me a lot of McKenzie. So it's like being here with her. Yep, it's great! Oh, sis. eyestone had a great language mixup this week. hahaha. I'm still laughing about it! I'll definitely tell it during our phone call. Also, I can't remember if I told you, but on the 2nd day together, sis. Eyestone got bit by a dog! (I think I'm cursed) I fortunately escaped that fate but escaping the routine trips to the hospital is something I can't. I have enjoyed sitting down and watching her as the whole hospital has their eyes on her. People standing up and going over to see her dog bite and staring. She practically invited the whole hospital in the process. hahaha! Well, love you all!!!! Sure hope I survive this festival!!!!! em

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