Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm in.................

Here are some pics of my last days in Lopburi:

The District Becky and her neice and nephew. She's way cute! Plus loves Harry Potter and Twilight!
Mr. Billy Goat
My drop dead gorgeous companion and her new shoes!
Me with Cherry and Ai
Sis. Bao's family
( Emily is all about the food it seems! )The assortment of food layed out before us when we go to Cherry's house. They just keep bringing out more and more. It's so funny!

Mango, I eat this at EVERY house because it's mango season. I never knew you could eat mango in so many ways!

a Roddii. Its this like pastry that's super
amazing but super fattening.
The cake.

All of us.

Our last time teaching together

ROIET!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! Yes, I moved up to the north with Sis. Eyestone. She's awesome!!! Go figure I move here just after Sis. Barton leaves. It's so nice here. I love it!!! Not to mention that I'm in the Eason! I wanted to come either here or Chiangmai. So I'm happy with the outcome! It actually turns out that they closed the Sister's area in Lopburi. So Sis. Chambers had to move too. She went to Chiangmai! They're putting more of an emphasis on missionary work in Bangkok so they needed sisters to go there. It was sad to go but change is always nice. .

To answer your question mom, Sis. Chambers and I ate that bowl of ice cream together. I'm glad you enjoyed the zoo pics! I enjoyed it too!

Here in Roiet a member owns an internet cafe so he's currently in the process of burning General Conference for us in English. How nice! Ya, I also forgot to put on my tag this morning too! hahaha!

Before I moved, Sis. Bao's family was so cute! They had us come over to the church and sing a song together. Then Sis. Geek made us a cake which we ate together. It was really sweet! Then Sis. Ruay came over and gave us a gift.

On Thursday, we had a nice trip to the renew visa center which didn't happen, but I had a nice Japanese meal. Then afterwards got on the bus which broke down 2 times. We got to Roiet at around 11pm. I got a little carsick here and there but overall I was good!

Roiet is really cute! I'm excited to celebrate all the big holidays here. The branch here likes to celebrate together. They really are so involved in helping us. It's so nice not to have to do everything! We really can't do it ourselves! Make sure you help out the missionaries where you are. It can't be done alone!

Love you all!!!!!


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