Thursday, March 31, 2011

What a Jane Goodall Day!!!!

Us with Sis. Ruay
A neighborhood by the hospital
It was Sis. Chambers year mark so we had to celebrate it big with BIG ice cream! Yes, it was yummy! Eating an earthquake (appr. 8 scoops)

Yep, it's gone!

Sis. Chambers eating sunflowers!?!

Us with the sunflowers

This is me freezing from last time!

From our trip to the zoo last week:

The orangutans.... sorry, I had to! Curiosity gets the better of me! Yep! Does that look weird or what?

Me playing tug of war

Ya he's winning !

Anybody want a baby cobra?Yes, the guy at the zoo offered us a baby cobra to take home. We kindly declined.
Eat those bananas!!

The chimpanzee was so cute! We had a blowing raspberry fight! They let us feed the turtles for free!
Feed the turtles, tupence a bag....

Sorry this is going to be so short. I needed to get those pictures from Sis. Chambers before the move.

Turns out there was just an earthquake in Burma/Chaingmai. No worries, everyone is okay! The Thai people are starting to freak out over all these disasters. I've had a lot of pleasure telling people straight up that they need to repent because Christ is coming. You should've seen the fear that struck in an LA's eyes. :-)

Sis. Idow came into the MTC when I was 6 weeks in.

We had a great week meeting with lots of families! YAY!!!! Go families!!!

Love you all!!!


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