Monday, April 25, 2011

It was a Good Friday.....Saturday....and Sunday

The road to our house! What makes the red roads red? Sis. Eyestone trying to lock our stupid lock.

us together

Noppamas, Sis. Sod, Sis. Fon

Hello everyone!

Great week!
We didn't dye any eggs for the Easter Bunny, but we did leave him a pass-a-long card about the true meaning of Easter. I suppose he didn't like that because he didn't leave us anything else in return...

Me on my birthday!

The cupcakes were amazing! Thank you so much for them. Yes the frosting held up just fine. hahaha! We had quite a flame with those candles! It was quite a party. I stuck all the candles in one cupcake which ended up smooshing it. hahaha!

For my birthday, we had zone training in the morning. So that was really nice. Then we went to Black Canyon Coffee which has the best imported American food. After that to Dairy Queen. Then we worked and enjoyed a rather splendid day. The best part was when one of our investigators told us that she has finally quit all of her drinking and is keeping the word of wisdom!!!!! YAY!!!!

Funny enough, none of the people in the branch knew it was Easter let alone what Easter was. hahaha! Hilarious! We did enjoy delicious steak and mashed potatoes at a members house though for the occasion.

Okay, the water buffalo story...
So we were out inviting when we ran into this guy who's inactive, but we didn't know he was a member until later. He went off talking about Cherry this, Cherry that. We thought he was talking about one of the sister missionaries that served here awhile back. Then he was like, "You came to ride her didn't you?" I was really lost at this point. He walked us through his rice fields and there we met the Cherry. So he let us ride her. More like he insisted we ride her. Cherry is pretty much his most prized possession. It was really random. It made the Elders really jealous when they heard about that one. So yes, everyone does have a water buffalo!

Today I'm going to Ubon for the week. Should be interesting!

Love you all!!!!!


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