Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy May Day!!!!!!!

Well, seems we are in a similar weather pattern. It apparently never rains during these months, but it's rained almost everyday this past week. Crazy!

This past week everyone was talking and gearing up for Prince William's wedding. I think EVERYONE and their dog watched it. It was so funny to go out inviting last week. People always ask where my name is from. I tell them England. Then they automatically think I'm British. :-) People kept asking me if I was going to go home for the wedding. They insisted I should be there. I was thinking, "Well of course! I've got a VIP wedding invitation since my aunt is good friends with the Queen." hahahaha! That gave us a good laugh. People kept asking us what church they are from. I'm just glad I was very well educated on the subject of British royalty.

I went to Ubon this past week to exchange with Sis. Johnson. Sis. Supansa came here with Sis. Eyestone. Ubon is a very nice area, but I prefer my little Roiet. Plus, everyone speaks Thai instead of Lao over hear. While I was there, we were teaching someone and just after the prayer, I saw the dog looked a little weird. I ask about it and she ignored it. I insisted something was up. And then to all our surprise, a puppy was born. Yes, I was glad to witness all of that. Also it was Sis. Johnson's birthday on Wed. so the sisters surprised her with an ice cream cake at district meeting. I don't know who was more surprised, the district leader or her. We went out to pizza company and really celebrated. Sis. Supansa was so sweet and gave me a gift. It was a Thai scripture case with my name on it. There's a lady in Ubon who makes a living off of those! It's way cute!

The rest of my week was a little crazy. Oh, we had a 19 yr old walk into English class. The next day we gave her a date to be baptized at the end of the month. Afterwards we prayed together and she received her answer. She's had miracles upon miracles since then. Way awesome! She's what we like to call *golden*!
So ya!

Well, love you all!!!



Here's the pic of the week: I don't know about you, but it seems that Chihuahua is about ready to bite our heads off!

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