Monday, May 23, 2011

So After I was Kidnapped.............


So this week we had a lizard in our bedroom.... that was entertaining! Wish the whole thing was on film! We finally caught him under a big bowl and threw him outside. Except when we threw him, he just layed there on the street like we killed him.... we thought we did.

But good news everyone, he's a great actor! I've attached some pictures of him. Not sure if he's dangerous. Oh well!

This Tuesday the members kidnapped us and drove us out to the land of rice fields about 40 min. away. They wanted to give us referrals. All of the Bishopbric and auxiliary leaders went too. So they take us to these random houses to teach them. I don't think they told them that we were coming. It was really funny! Try teaching with 8 other people trying to teach too. Not to mention that none of these people spoke Thai. They all spoke Lao. Fortunately everything got translated over. In the end none of them were really interested. No worries, we didn't go in vain. One of the referrals has read the Book of Mormon and wants to get baptized. Great!

Speaking of baptisms. Meg and Muk should be getting baptized this Sunday. That will be fun! The Elders have a family getting baptized too. 8 people are getting baptized! I'm just glad the Elders can prepare everything for Sunday and not me! Good deal!

We have Zone Conference this week!

Love you all sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Houses started but never quite finished.... yikes, thai construction!

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