Monday, May 16, 2011

I Survived Friday the 13th!!!!!!

The buddhist temple at the park

The park

The district: me,Sis. Eyestone, E. Sheremeto, E. Tibbets, E. Merrell, E. Crowley.

Sis. Eyestone and I eating our sorrows away

Sister Eyestone

It's raining!

Hello everyone!
This week has been quite an adventure indeed! Sis. Eyestone got the call on Tuesday that she was leaving. She was so upset because the baptism was this Friday. We definitely did not expect that one coming. All the members were pretty upset about it too. We left at 7 pm on Wednesday and got to Bangkok at around 6:30 am. Yay for bus rides! It was fun to finally meet up with all the sisters. You know, at this point of my mission I’ve almost been companions with all of them. So ya! Pretty much everyone moved this transfer. It was very unexpected. The meeting itself was crazy! The Elders in my MTC district are training!!!! And Elder Chapman is in the office… Elder Lyman is having a blast in the International Branch. It’s so cool to see them all grown-up! *sniffle* All of the leaders that guided me as a greenie are dying this past move or this up-coming one. 13 elders are finishing next transfer meeting! That’s pretty much all of our zone leaders and district leaders. Crazy! Then all the sisters will start going home! Wow! So fast!
Anyways so it’s been Sis. Eyestone’s dream to work with me in Roiet and then go up to Chiangmai with Sis. Chambers. Well, that’s what happened. You should’ve seen their reaction. They almost took a bunch of Elders out as they ran to each other in excitement. All Pres. Smith said was, “Why don’t Elders react like that?” My new companion is the oh so cute and funny Sis. Lish. She actually was trained by Sis. Chambers. Small world! Ya, it gets even smaller. After talking together we discovered that we both went to Byu-idaho, lived at Nauvoo house, and were in the SAME student ward at the same time!!!!! And yet, we never knew each other until this point. Hahaha! We enjoy talking about all those crazy people in our ward. It’s a way small world! She’s from Las Vegas and she’s way cute. She was just companions with sis. Jongkaew (we’ve been the only 2 farang companions to serve with her) so I completely understand everything. J
We didn’t get back till midnight on Thursday. Yikes!
Oh, Sis. Lish has a little sister named Kylie who is 10 yrs. old. She wants to write Holly, more like email. So if you receive them have her write back! :-)

Thanks for the package…. I opened up a box of wheat thins while waiting for my companion to come back from visas so that all the Thai missionaries could try it. They all loved it. I gave the rest of the box to Sis. Eyestone because it was our plan to eat them on the bus back. Oh well! Yesterday our regular Sunday dinner didn’t work out so we were fortunate to have the mac’n cheese. Thanks!
Also thank you Berna for the Easter card!!!
Also thank you Catherine for the CD. That is definitely appreciated!!!!

Nan with her husband GopOkay…. Drumroll……. Nan’s baptism was AMAZING!!!! I bawled. We made a bouquet of flowers for her. Her husband was there. Half the branch showed up even though it was raining. The talks were great and the musical number was classic. Sis. Lish, Elder Buckner, and I sang “I like to look for rainbows” in Thai with Elder Crowley at the piano. Hahaha! That was great! Then we had the baptism. She was just beaming! It was so cute! Her testimony..... was one of the best testimonies I have ever heard. She got up there and just started bawling... so I bawled too. She just talked about how much of a miracle her conversion was and how everything is true. She talked about how much she wants to go to the temple and be sealed to her husband. She really lost it when she said how much she wants her husband to be a priesthood holder. It was just so cute! Afterwards she was like, "I just can't stop crying! I'm so happy!" I love her!
Her confirmation was great too. He blessed her to have an eternal family and such. She was just glowing after that. It was just a really touching experience to be a part of. No worries! I made sure Sis. Eyestone got to talk to her and such. I felt so bad that she had to miss it. It just killed her.

Muk is doing great! After Nan's baptism, it just made her so excited to get baptized too! Everyone at church yesterday randomly thought she was already a member. hahaha!

Me, Nan, Sis. Lish, Muk

nan, gop, Branch Pres., Waruni, pa kiaw, and pa witipon

nan, Branch Pres., and Waruni

Us,,, ya, don't know how to work the camera!

Well, I best be going!

Love you all!!!!


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