Monday, May 30, 2011

Zone Conference May 2011

Everyone at the baptism


(The older woman, Sister Watkins, is the cousin of a member in our ward so she sent these 2 pictures of Emily from Zone Conference.)

Hey there!

So this week was great! We had Zone Conference this Saturday. They had the sisters come on Friday so we got to stay in a hotel!!! I kept wanting to say that it was quite a party being with all the sisters but the elders quickly reminded me that it was not a party, but a blessing! Just full of blessings this week! It was a great zone conference! Pres. Smith kindly reminded me that I only have one more left. Sis. Smith went through all of our Area books and planners. Her comment about my planner was, " I was expecting a neat, organized planner, but no. " I told her that I tend to write sloppy because I'm just too tired to write it neatly. She told me, "Just do what you've gotta do, Sis. Henderson." :)

We got a call on Friday from Muk about how she broke the Word of Wisdom. We were kind of panicing because she was going to get baptized this Sunday. We talked to her about it. I asked what she did and she said, "Sister, I had to work really late so I didn't get to bed till early in the morning." I was like, "okay.... so..... " "So, ya, we're not supposed to stay up late, right?" Sis. Lish and I had a good laugh at that one!

Needless to say we had our 2 and Elder's 4 get baptized this sunday. So cute!!!

Another great story. We were teaching one of our investigators who used to live in America. We were talking about honoring the laws of the country. She started talking about how much she loved the USA laws. She told us that she could never break them because they are "sacred." Well, whatever works for her!

One of the members had a baby so we went to the hospital to support her! So cute!!!

Love you all!!!!


I have more pics but no time!

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