Monday, June 6, 2011

And then there were two......

The rice fields, if I stay one more transfer I get to plant some!

Well, this week has been quite the adventure!
First we got these new investigators who learned in Bangkok and moved to Roiet. The problem is that they live an hour and a half away! Why someone lives that far from civilization is beyond me! They're really cute though! The Branch President and his wife drove us twice this week! They're so nice! We didn't ask them to, but they insisted that we had to go see them. Okay!

This week I had the pleasure of experiencing a real Thai hospital......that will have to be expressed when I get home. Let's just say, we were glad we weren't in there.

So I walked into our restaurant and I saw Mitt Romney on the TV. What in the world is he up to to make it on Thai television?

This week we should be having another baptism! Her name is Nong Wan. Translates to sweet. That she is! She's 12 and her parents are both recent converts. It will be really good for her family.

Now before I tell this story, just know that I was very precautious and no one was harmed in this event.
You see, we were trying to sleep but there was this stupid cat meowing. For quite awhile we've heard a lot of rustle on our roof. It's 11pm and the cat won't shut up. I was like, "That stupid cat probably got on the roof and now is terrified to get down." After a certain period of time, I decided that someone had to do something about it. I was going to go get it down. Now you can imagine what my companion is thinking. "She's crazy!" Side note: our "yard" is actually a small atrium. So anyways as I was going out there I looked out the window to see a little kitten shaking in the corner. So fortunately he was easy to reach. Since I was smart in my childhood and watched many episodes of Jeff Corwin capturing animals on Animal Planet, I knew exactly how to approach this situation. Through a lot of teamwork, Sis. Lish was able to grab his attention as I finally snatched him up from behind. Cute little guy! We set him free out front and he scampered off slowly.
So that was that..... I thought.
This morning I woke up and looked out the window to find, yes, another kitten. This one is black. I tried all morning to get him out but he's a fiesty little fella. We'll have to figure that one out later tonight. So some stupid cat gave birth on our roof.... not very clever animals.

Sounds like you've had a good start to summer! Oh, Happy Birthday Virginia last week! Hope it was great!

Love you all!!!!!


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