Monday, June 20, 2011

Lily is the prettiest.....

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!! Hope it was a good one and that Jeff was satisfied!

Happy Birthday Molly too!!!

Yes, I do know an Elder Harris! He's been my zone leader before! He's a really great guy. He's one of those leaders that's level-headed. (which is rare) So yes, he will be missed after this week.

I will be home on Oct. 28th. Transfer meeting is on the 27th and then on Friday morning the 28th, really early we get on a plane home. I should get home a little before noon that day. Just a little heads up. (or at least that's what I've heard).

Ya, I only have 2 transfers left. Weird!

So this week was great! It mostly consisted of me and Sis. Supansa having a great time together. We exchanged with Ubon this week. Sis. Lish got to go to Ubon and attend a Buddhist funeral for a member and pull rice in the rice fields. Sis. Supansa and I did a lot of inviting. It was so hot it hurt to stand outside and talk to people. It was so much fun being with her again. I miss her! After the exchange we all ate lunch together at Peppers (a place full of normal food). It was so good! I quite enjoyed it!

We met with a 16 yr old boy who wanted a bible. We gave him a book of mormon too. It was so funny!! He seemed scared stiff of us because we're foreign GIRLS. He literally ran out of the room with his books. Poor guy!

Yep, taking a trip to Bangkok this week. That's exhausting!

Love you all!!!


Okay so I have some extra time somehow...

Guess what? Sis. Lish and I made funeral potatoes last night!!!! So good! I haven't had those since my farewell! It's the closest I've been to tasting things from home! The only problem was that the potatoes were still a little crunchy. Oh well! They were good though!

Mom, if I move I'll be really sad. This is the first place I've actually been able to speak Thai well enough to get to know the members. I've become friends with all of them. Just one more transfer!!!!! Please!!!!!

Sis. Lish and I are going shopping today. We're buying me a new bike tire too. It's past it's days. It goes flat every week. Hate that.

Well, gotta go!
Love you!

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