Monday, June 13, 2011

It's so cute!

Emily with her "death" papers

The church in Roiet

Wan and Muk (they're like BFF now)

Hey everybody!

It's been a great week! We're all gearing up for the BIG transfer meeting next week. About 13 elders go home. They're all our leaders right now... could be interesting. I'm going down for sure to renew my visa. Don't think I'll be moving, but you know Pres. Smith, he does whatever he wants to.

Nong Wan who got baptized

This week we had another baptism!!!! This one was really special because we were completing a family. The parents got baptized in January and we just baptized their daughter. It was a nice occasion.

The family (I was like, get closer together and act like a family)
hahaha now this one is just funny! "We refuse to claim we are related."

Anyways, I'm sure you're all wondering if I got the black cat out of the yard. We did. It took all of our preparation day to get it out. He accidently got into our house and then climbed into the back of our refrigerator. Long story! No worries! I've got the whole thing on film!!! :)

Emily and Sis. Lish with their cat friend.

This week we had a special training on using the Book of Mormon more in our teaching. It was great!

Yesterday at church we had a lady from Africa. Who had to translate? Yep, me! hahaha! I've discovered that it's not a good career choice for me! It just made church a little interesting.

Well, I can't remember what else happened this week. It was fun!

Happy Birthday Virginia!!!! Hope it was great!
Love you!!!!!


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