Monday, October 10, 2011

In honor of Christopher Columbus....

we will eat Indian food (although I'm sure Columbus was quite disappointed when there was no Indian food to be found when he entered the Americas)!!!!!
You know, it's Columbus' thought that counts.

The elephant pictures are on a CD and unfortunately all of the internet places don't have CD-ROMs so.... ya, you'll have to wait! SORRY!!!!!

The flooding is all gone now. It's now headed towards Bangkok. That could be exciting!!! We just have lots of cleaning to do. This weekend, the members have been helping each other find their stuff. You know in a flooding how things get swept away. So they all search the area for lost items. Sounds exciting!

I've got FANTASTIC news!!!!! So do you remember my first baptism? Her name was Nan. While I was there, her husband refused to meet with us or even come close to the church. He would go to the effort of dropping her off a block from the church. Ya, weird. Anyways, he's getting baptized!!!!! Isn't that great? Also another that I taught in Roiet (Ma Maliwan) she got baptized. I was like, "Why did no one tell me????" It's just so great to see all these people progress!

Also, the Chinese girl we've been teaching, she knows this church is true. She came to Conference and LOVED it! Sis. Sorge and I split yesterday and I taught her. That was one of the BEST lessons I've had on my mission.

Funny fact: we were biking home the other night passing by all the bars. I happened to glance as I went by. You know what they were watching? The Chronicles of Narnia. Yes. I'm serious. I thought it was an interesting selection to have at a bar. They were all drinking and watching Narnia. :)

This week we got "Daughters in My Kingdom" in the mail from the office. In Chiang Mai all of our mail gets sent with the Elders. So we have to wait for the District leader to pass it out. Kind of like the MTC. Anyways, he left the book for us in our closet at the church. I asked if we get to keep them or what. He said he didn't know and that they actually got 2. "One for you and one for the Elders," he said. I couldn't help but laugh. I told him, "I think they're both for us. I don't think they'd be sending out books about the Relief Society to the Elders." He agreed and gave the other one to us. Although I could tell that the Elders really wanted a chance to read it! Shhhhhh! Don't tell!!!

General Conference was FANTASTIC! What they do is that we all sit in the sacrament room and watch it on the screen. They put Thai over the speakers and they put English over the translation headphones. So I got to watch it too! Glad I did! Really random foreigners showed up too! There was a family from Denmark that came. I shared that Dad went on a mission there. They said that that had to have been a while ago.

I'm working to get this place all ready for when I leave. We already swept the leaves off our roof! One thing off the list!

Today, I'm going to go shopping to find more stuff. YAY!!!!! Oh, for my goodbye party, Chiang Mai is setting off lanterns into the sky! Isn't that nice of them? :) (It's actually a Buddhist thing but we won't go into that)

Well, I love you all!!!!!!!!!


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