Monday, October 17, 2011

It's not a party, it's a production

I'm so glad all of you enjoyed the elephant pictures!!! It really was indescribable! I told you it would be worth it! :) Can't wait to watch the DVD! It has to be watched on a computer so we haven't seen it either!

Be assured that all flooding now is in Bangkok. Everything here is all dry. Although everyone is still in flood rescue mode. They're still gathering goods to send down south. If Bangkok doesn't dry up soon, Sis. Sorge and I will be flying down to Bangkok as riding a bus is impossible at this time. :) We'll see what happens there.

So, the members have been working hard to get ready for my farewell party (6+ weeks in the making). Now that it's down to the final week, they're really busy. Thai people are so funny! When they have a party, it's a full out production! All I know so far is that the theme is Ancient Thailand. They're apparently going to dress me up in traditional thai dress complete with hair and makeup (did I say a production?). Then there will be dinner and a show. Yep! I also teach my "last lesson". Fortunately all of this is on my last P-day. so you know what I'll be up to.....
hahaha! They're great! I love them!

To answer your question, we watched General Conference on Sat 10-12, 1-3 Sun 8-10, 11-1 So they split it up for us!

Well, love you all!!! I'm going to go to the ZOO today!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!


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