Monday, October 3, 2011

Well, I guess I should've worn a shower cap

Thank you everyone for your emails and letters! You're all so great!

I was trying to figure out how to get an elephant home, but I don't think it will happen.... :) Pictures will suffice!

This week was another great week. Although it ended with me getting sick AGAIN!!!! What's with me? Just a cold. I guess in the future I'll wear a shower cap like everyone else when I go outside. This will prevent me from getting sick again!!!!!
Chiang Mai, I don't know if you heard, took quite a hit this week. It's flooded! Some places are about knee height and others to the second floor. Fortuantely it only flooded on the Elder's side of Chiang Mai so we never saw it or encountered it. They've been spending a lot of this week helping people move stuff and clean stuff. The elders gave us strict instructions that we were not to go near it. Not that I would want to! There's lots of snakes over there! The Branch President kept us all busy doing stuff. As Sisters we were asked to go shopping. We bought so much food and water to give to the members who lost everything. It was cool to see the city come together to help everyone out.
The testimony meeting this week was a really humble one. Many of the flood victims got up and bore their testimony about how they had lost everything but they didn't seem to care (we're talking computers, appliances and stuff too). They saw miracles and acts of love and kindness. The ward really came together to help each other. They felt that even though they lost a lot, they still had everything that mattered the most: family and the gospel. I thought that was so cool! Very touching! The Branch Pres. then re-emphasized that everyone needs a food storage and water supply. It's true! Everyone, you better have one or get one!

This week was also the battle of the Book of Mormon eater. The little 6 month old guy is a Bof M eater! More on that story later my friends.... like my homecoming talk! YAY!

Thanks for the General Conference review! It sounds great! Fortunately I'll be able to listen to it in English because there's so many foreigners here! YAY!!!

Love you all!!!!


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