Thursday, July 28, 2011

GIve me the Thai kanom and no one will get hurt......

Yes, planting rice was a lot of fun. Everyone was pretty impressed because a lot of Thai people have never done it. We were all really sore though! Oh well!!

Ya, Transfers is next week and I'll be going for sure. Who knows where?

Noppamas with Pres. and Sis. Smith

So this week we have another baptism. This one has been coming a long time! I've been teaching her with Sis. Eyestone. There were lots of things to overcome and she's changed a lot. I'm just so impressed with her! She's come a long way! p.s. she's the most likely to show up to our house one day because she's actually from America. She should be going back soon. Love her! Her name is Noppamas.

On Saturday the Relief Society had an activity. They taught how to make Thai kanoms or Thai treats. Apparently this will help make them more independent because they can make them and sell them. There was a little girl that just stared at them the whole time. It reminded me of the marshmallow experiment.

Mixing the batter

I want it!!!!!

Frying it up

Finally eating the kanom

Sis. Lish the Brave

Love you all!


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