Monday, July 11, 2011


Us on our paddle boat adventure at the park Well, I'm glad everyone had a great 4th! Sounds like a ton of fun!

Anyways, back to my week. It was great. Sis. Lish got proposed to by an older Thai guy. That was weird. To be honest, I just kinda glared at him so he never talked to me. Sis. Lish said no.
To begin the plagues it started with incredibly hot weather. Like it was insanely hot! Everyone was like, "What's going on?" Then, the sickness. I got the flu which has ended up changing to an upper respiratory infection. It'll be around for awhile. Sis. Lish got sick too! Then the darkness! There was this HUGE storm and all of the electricity went out. Fortunately a couple hours later it went back on. Well somehow in the darkness we managed to flatten a gecko in our door frame. A death. That was nasty! Then as we are assessing how to remove the gecko out pops cockroaches from our door frame. They're just filing out. Don't worry. We killed them. Then my tire was flat. hahaha!

Quite the plagues! No worries! It was actually a really good week. Many miracles happened in more ways than I can mention.
Oh, we were biking when we saw some international investigators we've taught in the past. He learned before and now his wife has moved here to be with him. So this is her first time meeting us. She was so funny! "And how do you know these girls? You have their number?!" He was like, "Their missionaries!" Oh boy! She was not gonna let that one go.

Hahahaha! Great week mom! Really! Have you ever read "The Goose Girl"? Sis. Lish was telling me about it and it sounds like a great read. :)

Have a great week!

Love you all!!!!!


Look at all the cute Thai primary kids! One of them is getting baptized!

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