Monday, July 18, 2011

Party in the Rice Paddies!

Little Thai girl

Cutest people in the whole wide world (members)

Plowing the fields for us!


The pa, if he looks in pain, that's cuz he is. He's getting bit by a red ant!


Me planting rice

Our fearless leader

The greenie

Me planting more rice

Look at us go!

The entertainment


Sis. Lish detangling the roots

We're workin' it!

We're done!

plant it and step back!

This is lunch

us all eating

Sis. Lish eating SomtumSo.... this week I hit my year in country mark. Weird! I've been here for awhile!

Well, this has been a great week! I'm feeling a lot better. I had some investigators tell me that I got sick because I wore a T-shirt at night. Apparently I need to wear something buttoned up to my neck at night. Ya, it's not happening....

Sis. Lish had another proposal this week. We were sitting teaching a lesson when their next door neighbors noticed we were there. He was very determined to take her out on a date. He told her that he'd give 30,000 baht for her. He finally settled on being just friends for now. :)

So today was a lot of fun! We all went out to the rice paddies and planted rice. You climb in barefoot and just go. The mud was really deep and it was full of worms, crabs, spiders, and other creatures I never knew existed. It was way fun though! We did it for 3 hours. Not gonna lie, my back is a little sore from bending over for so long. It's so like me to spend my P-day playing in the mud, right?

Happy Birthday Sis. Supansa!!!!
Love you all!!!!


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