Monday, August 22, 2011

Yep, my nose is real!!!

Hello everyone!!!!

It's an absolutely gorgeous day here in Chiangmai!!! It's been awhile since I've seen the sun around here.

This week was one of miracles!!!!!
Can't explain it but it was just amazing. Ran into many people who are ready for the gospel. Also I witnessed a member get hit by a motorcycle right in front of me. Talk about crazy! He must've been on something because he definitely zoomed through all the stopped cars and went through the intersection. Hit her pretty good but she stood up, he stood up and everthing was fine. Only one bruise and a few scratches. Not bad! :)

So when I come home I want to go to a play within the first week. I don't care what's playing, just take me to it. I'm starting to go crazy without it. You should've seen my companions' faces when I stood up and began to act out our lesson for our investigator. It was good for him though. :) He later asked Sis. Sorge and I if we got a nose job. We had to break it to him that they're real!!! He couldn't get over it.

Can't believe school starts tomorrow! Where did the summer go? Crazy!!!!

So, this week we came across a restaurant that makes everything imaginable. It's so good! Food from the outside world, what a thought! I got a milkshake and we all gathered around it wondering how it could taste so good. The restaurant is right across from a, yes, cheese factory so of course I had to buy myself some smoked cheese. :) Not bad! It's our new favorite by far! It was weird eating something that's not rice. It was like a long distant memory from the past eating there.

Well, love you all!!!! Have a fantastic week!


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